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Noragami Aragoto Review (Anime)

By the time Noragami Aragoto began airing, I’d already read several volumes of the manga. Aragoto follows the manga more closely than season one, which had an original ending, did and it follows one of the best arcs to date. Bishamon fans will be pleased to know she’s a prominent figure in Aragoto, too!


Yato is still working to build his very own shrine whilst Yukine makes his first friend outside of Yato’s circle, but he’s one Bishamon’s Regalia which, obviously Yato isn’t impressed with. Bishamon has bigger problems on her plate though as she’s suffering due to one of her Regalia inflicting pain. Bishamon flat-out refuses to believe she has a Regalia who’d purposefully cause her harm though, and so her assistant Kazuma takes matters into his own hands to protect her. Aragoto has more to offer than its predecessor, and those looking for character development and engaging arcs will be happy with how Aragoto progresses.


noragami aragoto review

Aragoto has more to offer than its predecessor.

Studio Bones in recent years have been working on sequels more than they ever have in their 18 years of being, but I never expected Noragami to get a sequel due to its anime original ending and, if they did, I expected it to not follow the manga too closely. Bones have done wonderful in adapting the original manga despite having a different ending to work with, and it doesn’t feel jarring in anyway. Bones aren’t one to put out a mediocre anime either, so you can expect Aragoto to perform great across the board.


noragami aragoto review

There’s a lot of heavy-hitting moments in Aragoto, and Bones have portrayed them amazingly.

Aragoto looks excellent with fluid animation and slick action to keep you on the edge of your seat, and the facial expressions convey emotion incredibly well — there’s a lot of heavy-hitting moments in Aragoto, and Bones have portrayed them amazingly. Bones must expertly manage their budget because each of their seasonal shows always tend to look fantastic, and Aragoto isn’t an exception.


Jason Liebrecht, Bryn Apprill, Micah Solusod, Elizabeth Maxwell and several others reprise their roles from the first season, which they also did a brilliant job in, to perform another superb dub. Of course, you can watch it in Japanese with English subs, if you’d prefer. Aragoto‘s fresh new opening theme is super catchy – which is impressive considering how much I loved the first season’s opening theme – and the ending theme’s peaceful calm is a nice contrast to the opening theme’s upbeat and rocky intro.


noragami aragoto review

Aragoto‘s focus on plot and characters hits all the right notes.

If you’re a Noragami fan and have yet to get around to watching Aragoto, then you’ll want to fix that because you’re missing out. Aragoto is stronger than the already splendid first season, but Aragoto‘s focus on plot and characters hits all the right notes. Experiencing Yato’s past and various other character’s personal stories, as well as how they all come together, is satisfying, and Bones has masterfully adapted Adachitoka’s manga and art. Here’s hoping we get a season three!

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