New Game!! Episode 11 Review: I Shudder to Imagine What's Hidden in Your Heart

My oh my, New Game!! is almost over, and what an exciting ending this is going to be… This episode prepares the season finale with a striking (yet somehow predictable) revelation!

Japanese Original Episode Title: 心に闇を抱えてるのか


Tsubame is doing another number on how amazingly fast she is at completing the tasks given to her, and Nenechi has had enough of the cubicle tension so she retires to the cafeteria to keep studying code over there. She finds Momiji and Ko, and somehow out of the blue, Momiji tell the two of them Tsubame’s life story, as if it’s their business to know. Nenechi empathizes with Tsubame’s struggle to carve her own path and starts appreciating her more. Conveniently enough, at this very time, Umiko announces to the programming team that Tsubame’s submission was full of bugs that need to be fixed asap, or some of the mini games she designed will be removed from the final version of the game. Nenechi offers her full support to Tsubame and together they manage to fix everything on time, after pulling an all-nighter at the office. Both Nenechi and Tsubame get their contracts with the company renewed.

Ko, however, has different plans, and Rin overhears her discussing with Christina her imminent departure from Eagle Jump. CALLED IT! She later invites Aoba and Momiji to play the game in the cafeteria along with the rest of the company, as an opportunity for them to form some sort of bond.

Episode Highlights

Judge-mentality: Tsubame was really lucky that Momiji spoke to Nenechi about her family life, or she wouldn’t have earned her support for sure. However, this just goes to show that even if someone is being horrible to you, you always need to cut them some slack, because they’ve probably been taking something out on you.

Bear Cannibals: Aoba’s gruesome yet aesthetically entertaining bear cannibals made me want to play the game so much. And since we’re mentioning the game, PECO looks so great. Fluffy graphics and intimidatingly cute characters are definitely an eye-catcher.

Way to go, Momiji: You know how we all have this friend that we love but can’t really trust with anything because they are completely incapable of keeping anything to themselves? That’s Momiji for you. I can’t believe she just casually started talking about Tsubame’s life so naturally, without even stopping to think that hey, THAT’S MY FRIEND’S PERSONAL LIFE I’M SHARING WITH EVERYONE.

Ko’s quitting!: Called it. Called it, called it, called it, called it, called it. I mean it was pretty obvious, but still, called it. Can’t wait to see everyone’s reaction on the next episode. Although, to be honest, it can’t really be worse than Rin’s. Called it.

Programmer’s hairstyles: Has anyone else noticed that all the programming team has black or dark hair, apart from Nenechi? Can they not really be bothered to color them or did the New Game!! character design team just got fed up with extreme hair colors?


Prepare for a very dramatic New Game finale!

Light weight and pleasant as this show might be, I am expecting the last episode to be nothing short of an emotional meltdown, with the character design team being brought down to their knees from crying for losing Ko. She is, after all, the company’s celebrity, and someone every single one of their illustrators aspires to be.

Are you ready for this? See you next week with the New Game!! season finale review here on MANGA.TOKYO!

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