My Hero Academia Season 3 Reveals New Hero Voice Actors!

My Hero Academia fans are already pumped about season 3 coming out in April, but we’ve got even more to look forward to: the long-awaited appearance of the pro hero group Pussycats!

The Pussycats team consists of four members: Mandalay, a calm, gentle, and agile woman with the Quirk “Telepath,” Pixie-bob, an energetic and somewhat aggressive woman with the Quirk “Earth Flow,” Tora, an impressively muscular man with the Quirk “Pliabody,” and Ragdoll, an adorable and uber hyper woman with the Quirk “Search.” They’re being voiced by Kawasaki Meiko, Machiyama Serina, Ogami Shinnosuke, and Suganuma Chisa respectively.

Also announced was the appearance of Izumi Kota in Season 3! This cynical young boy, voiced by Yamazaki Michiru, is also connected to the heroes.

Are you ready to welcome the Pussycats?

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