My Hero Academia Season 2 (Spring – Summer 2017) Series Review

Art & Music

This season’s art quality was much better and more consistent than in the first. Just looking at all those jaw-dropping fights and mind-blowing effects, you’d know that Bones really gave it their all to make the show such a visual treat! Dynamic shots are already hard to pull off, but the animators still went above and beyond delivering high-quality scenes! If you’ll look for videos of the most marvelously animated scenes in anime, this show would definitely be in it! Not only with the action parts, but even just the simple acting of the characters was nicely done! It became easier to empathize with them because you could clearly see what their emotions were! Bottom line, I don’t think I remember any scene that distracted me from what was happening because something derped out or looked a bit off!

The music just upped the feelings each episode brought. Whether it was a time for tension, drama, or just plain casual, the scores they used were fantastic! Not to mention that the seiyuu were superb as always. They managed to breathe life into the characters even more!

Themes & Trivia

Heroism: This is a show about heroes, so of course this will be one of the recurring themes! However, sometimes we have the tendency to become overfamiliar with something to the point that the meaning gets lost. That’s why I found it appropriate for the show to challenge what it truly means to be a hero! Do you do it to be famous? To be rich? Or do you do it purely for the sake of saving others, even at the expense of your own life?

Teamwork: No matter how great someone is, if they don’t have someone to rely on, they’ll eventually fall hard. It’s truly important to have someone to back you up, especially when you’re a hero! You have to take care of large areas after all, especially when a fight breaks out with a villain, more so when you’re up against many at once! You have to be able to cooperate well with your sidekick or teammates, though.

Revenge: You’ll notice that this is another common theme in superhero stories. Like, you have villains who decided to walk the path of evil to avenge a loved one. Sometimes, there are also heroes who seek vengeance on villains! In that case, though, they have to be careful, because people can become blind when they’re consumed by rage. At the end of it, maybe you’ll become a villain, too, or lose sight of what’s truly important.


We’ve been watching this show for six months, and yet when it ended, I wanted even more! I fell in love with the characters so much and got hooked to the story that, every week, I needed to know what happens next! That’s why I’m incredibly grateful that we now have a reason to look forward to Season 3! We’d have to wait a year for it, though, but that just gives us more time to drag other people to watch this awesome series, and stock up on the hype till that day! If you’re one of those who still hasn’t tried MHA yet, do give it a go! I’m sure you won’t regret it!

Be a Hero


  • We get to know more about more characters, and love them all!
  • Wonderful storytelling and smooth pacing
  • The excitement never dies!!

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