My Hero Academia Episode 50 Review: End of the Beginning, Beginning of the End

This episode of My Hero Academia is the equivalent of finally letting out the breath you’ve been holding for such a long time! The past events have been such a train wreck, so it’s good that we can finally breathe a sigh of relief, even if the aftermath isn’t pretty and there’s a lot of things needed to be fixed. It’s not exactly being out of the woods yet, though, because those things are why this became quite a dramatic chapter of the story.

Japanese Original Episode Title: 始まりの終わり 終わりの始まり


All for One has been defeated but at the cost of the Symbol of Peace’s ‘death’. This forces a huge question to loom over hero society, ‘What’s going to happen now?’ Even U.A. had to deal with the backlash due to the villains’ attack and think of a better way to protect their students. Meanwhile, the retired All Might met up with his successor, reprimanding Deku for being too reckless, and making him a very important promise at the same time.

Episode Highlights

Aftermath: The good guys have technically won, but they lost so much! They didn’t get any new leads on the Nomus, the League of Villains have escaped, and the society was now more vulnerable than ever! It wouldn’t be a surprise if a lot of new, powerful villains rose up, just because their biggest hindrance, the Symbol of Peace is gone, huh? Sure, Endeavor has become the No. 1 hero by default, but we can all agree he’s no pillar. Heck, even he’s not happy getting the position he’s worked hard to achieve all these years just because his rival’s out of commission! There’s Shigaraki as well. With his teacher getting defeated and taken away from him because of All Might, his hatred for him, his successor Deku, and all of hero society must be off the charts! Everything truly worked in All for One’s favor, huh?

The Shimura family: It might be heartless of me to say this, but it’s a good thing Nana isn’t around anymore because she would’ve definitely been devastated to find out that her grandson became a villain! Her family still ended up becoming embroiled in the very thing she wanted to protect them from. No wonder All Might despaired when he heard about it, and why he wanted to look for Shigaraki. I wonder if Gran Torino will be able to keep his composure if he meets him… He was closest to Nana after all. Well, at least he looked at it objectively, that no matter who Shigaraki is, he’s now a villain and should be accountable for his actions.

Teacher and student: I’m honestly at a loss for words. All Might and Midoriya’s meet-up just got me so emotional and made my heart cry! For me, it was the perfect transition, the perfect way to pass the baton without anyone dying, but it still was bittersweet. The dramatic, slow motion run with a matching Texas Smash was so amusing, but overall it was still dramatic, period. All Might survived to fulfill his need to scold Deku, and got to praise him as well! I hope they’ll become even closer from here on out, especially since I can’t see All Might as anything other than Dad Might now. Actually, I can’t see anything through my tears; please hold.

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