My Hero Academia Episode 47 Review: All for One

My Hero Academia got such shocking developments in this week’s episode! You could even say they were explosive, literally! There were just so many important things that happened, especially during the second half. Somehow, I felt that if I blinked once, I would’ve missed a lot! 

Japanese Original Episode Title: オール・フォー・ワン


Class A’s small rescue team finally found the place where Yaoyorozu’s transmitter was pointing to. However, it wasn’t Bakugo they found, but a bunch of Nomu in what seemed like a nursery! Then suddenly, half of the Pro Heroes raided the place, while the other half were at the bar where the villains were holding Bakugo, trying to sway him to join their ranks by force.

Episode Highlights

Bakugo’s stand: Did you guys know Kacchan is one of my top 3 favorites? I feel like you already do, but let me say it again. I love Kacchan so much, and this episode just made my love escalate! I love how he was striving to get out of the terrible situation he was in, but at the same time, he also didn’t want to betray his ambitions, even if it was just faking it. The only bluff he made was acting as if he knew what to do, but deep inside, he was working so hard to figure out how to escape! You could really see his hero mindset, and despite being so vulgar and angry most of the time, this was obvious to Aizawa, that’s why he could trust that Bakugo wouldn’t give in to the villains so easily! 

The Nomu factory: I kinda wondered what Deku and the others would’ve done next if the pro heroes didn’t arrive at the factory. I mean, Kirishima was really decided on saving his buddy that he spent a lot of money buying those night vision goggles! But yes, fortunately, the professionals arrived and disrupted Shigaraki and Kurogiri’s plans in the nick of time! The part where Mt. Lady used the truck like a shoe and casually swung it down on the building was awesome! Even her facial expression while she was holding the Nomus, it was very amusing! Best Jeanist was really cool as well, posing fabulously as he tied up the other Nomus! What a neat quirk he has, don’t you think? I was also quite happy that Tiger found Ragdoll, although she didn’t look so good. Not surprising if you take account of All for One allegedly taking her quirk, though.

We are here!: As expected of the Symbol of Peace, his entrance was so marvelous!! It wasn’t just him, but even when Edgeshot provided a distraction by posing as a delivery guy and introducing the policemen, when Kamui Woods quickly restrained the villains, and when Gran Torino knocked out Dabi in one dropkick! Just like with the other group, they arrived at just the right moment, saving Bakugo from inevitable danger! You could really see the look of relief on his face when All Might comforted him! (Then he masked it by getting angry after! Never change, Kacchan.) I guess that’s what it really means to be the Symbol of Peace, huh? When you’re there, everyone automatically feels safe. Heck, even the kids at the Nomu Factory thought the problem will be resolved as soon as they heard All Might was involved, and they won’t need to act anymore! Yes, everything was going so well, until those Nomus appeared out of nowhere, then Bakugo was taken away again! All Might’s scream after he failed to grab hold was incredibly intense!

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