My Hero Academia Episode 43 Review: Drive it home, Iron Fist!

The villains attack on the summer training camp continues in this week’s episode of My Hero Academia, and everything’s just so intense! You better hold on to your seats again this week, guys! Try to remember what’s happening to who, as well, because there’s just a lot going on! But don’t worry, the episode’s written very well, so you won’t be confused!

Japanese Original Episode Title: ブチ込む鉄拳!!!


Everyone’s got their own battles to face! Aizawa survived Dabi’s ambush, but still had to make some serious decisions in order to protect his students, while Tetsutetsu and Kendo went head to head with the source of the gas! Even Midoriya jumped from one agenda to the next, as after he defeated Muscular, he immediately headed on to report what he’d found out, then rushed to assist in defending Bakugo from the enemies! However, on the way there, he met with something just as dire!

Episode Highlights

Aizawa vs. Dabi: Whew! I thought Aizawa was literally toast when Dabi suddenly attacked him, but like the villain said, Eraserhead is a pro hero! Then again, maybe that’s exactly why he decided to send in a clone instead of fighting him himself, huh? Maybe it’s also because, aside from admitting to Twice that he really is weak, his other goal was to provoke Aizawa about his students and create a diversion! Dabi may have succeeded on that end, but it just made me like Aizawa even more, with his quick response and readiness to face the consequences if it would keep his students safe!

Deku’s heroism: Aizawa looking worriedly at Deku was such a big mood… We saw last week that he really needed to break [an arm] to defeat Muscular, but someday I fear he’ll kill himself over his intense heroism! At the same time, I’m also so proud of him! His strength of will, matched with the endorphin rush he was feeling, allowed him to continue being useful, which was highly important since he was the only one who knew the villain’s target! Who else also found it neat that his ‘real’ heroism saved him again, in some way? Because Spinner had his priorities straightened out as Stain’s faithful follower, he didn’t want Deku killed, though Shigaraki told them to! Kota really better thank Midoriya well after all this!

Announcements: I loved, loved, loved the part where Mandalay gave the students the go signal to engage the villains! You could totally sense the urgency of the situation! More so when we were told that allowing the students to fight back could have serious consequences on Aizawa as a teacher and hero! Sure, I get the point; letting inexperienced teens fight is dangerous. However, they already are in grave danger, and they’ll die if they don’t defend themselves! I hope the higher-ups think of that as well! Another thing I loved was Mandalay’s warning signal for Bakugo, because it was so appropriate! ‘Don’t act on your own’ might be what you’d normally tell someone who’s being targeted. But it was just so spot on since Kacchan really does tend to act on his own! Maybe that’s why he immediately thought Deku was behind it. Aside from using his nickname, Mandalay’s instructions seemed like it came from someone who knew him so well! It’s just a good thing the calm Todoroki’s the one with him! 

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