My Hero Academia Episode 40 Review: Wild, Wild Pussycats

Testing improvements: I loved how we got an homage to the physical examinations from back in the first season! It felt like such a long time ago when it’s probably only been around 3 months for the students! What’s more, so many things have happened since then, and I was so sure they all got stronger! Apparently, that isn’t the case. At least we now got more insight on how quirks work! They’re really like additional muscles that need exercising! Not a lot of people like that though, as it usually involves a lot of pain. What more trying to endure 7 days of that!

Evil lurking: Hot dang, how did the League of Villains figure out the new location for the summer training camp? Aizawa already took precautions to prevent that info from leaking out! Now the kids are in danger! Plus, Shigaraki’s sending out new members of the league, so none of them (and us) know what to expect since there’s no knowledge about them yet!

Themes & Trivia

Noble death: It’s no surprise that most heroes and martyrs are remembered all over the world. After all, the cause of their death was usually caused by their selflessness, which sparked change. For example, Jesus Christ’s sacrificial death, which is one of the most widely known, influenced millions of people. Countries also have their own lists of their national heroes, the ones who died for freedom or to give way for change to happen. Here’s a list if you want to know a few of the many martyrs in the world.

DonabeKaminari and Kirishima were praising the food that was served to them, and then suddenly they asked if the rice was cooked in a clay pot, which is called donabe in Japanese. It’s one of the most prized cookware of Japanese cooks that dates back to the olden times. Because of its thick clay walls, it retains heat very well, so it’s ideal for cooking rice, stews, soups, and simmered dishes.


Waiting for this episode for a whole week was totally worth it! Not only are we back on track with the manga’s story, but we dove right into the action! All those gloriously animated action scenes, with a wonderfully written story, getting to watch it all was just amazing! Plus, even the silly times were enjoyable; they never failed to put a smile on my face! I honestly could go without Mineta in the picture, though, but I am still incredibly glad that this show is here again!

Try not to die!

Aizawa might seem like an aloof teacher, but when he means business, he’s scary and a bit nuts! How will these young heroes handle their training? Will they be able to survive? There’s still also that issue with the League of Villains possibly making their move, and that can’t be good news.

So, opinions, thoughts, reactions! Spill them in the comments section! You should also check out our Spring 2018 reviews, which are starting to pile up!

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