My Hero Academia and Avengers Team Up for a Super Promotion!

An epic collaboration has come out between My Hero Academia and Avengers: Infinity War!

In addition to the special visual below which uses the Infinity War IMAX poster, a whopping seven videos have been released.

The 3rd season of My Hero Academia recently started airing on Apr. 7, and the latest Marvel movie Avengers: Infinity War will be coming out on Apr. 27. Both are themed around characters who use their special powers to protect others, and about how the characters aren’t necessarily born heroes, but become heroes.

As for the videos, each has a My Hero Academia character introducing one of the heroes in Infinity War, including Deku introducing Captain America, Bakugo introducing Iron Man, and Uraraka introducing Black Widow.

A special collaborative campaign will also be held from Apr. 24 at bookstores around Japan, in which fans can buy related products to score postcards with the collaborative visual.

My Hero Academia, Avengers: Infinity War Collaborative Visual (c) 2018 Marvel (c) Horikoshi Kohei / Shueisha・Boku no Hero Academia Production Committee

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