Megalo Box Episode 9 Review: A Dead Flower Shall Never Bloom

We hit the ground running in Episode 9 of Megalo Box with the rematch between Mikio Shirato and Joe, both boxers vying for that coveted final Megalonia spot! This was a tough episode to watch, but ultimately, only one managed to leave the ring victorious!! Find out which contender will be moving on to the big stage in this week’s action-packed episode!!


The match between Mikio Shirato and Joe is in full swing, with our boy Joe taking a serious beating. Will this be the end for our unlikely hero or will he manage to turn things around and steal the last Megalonia spot?

Episode Highlights

Close Up Shots: The original Ashita no Joe series was really big on close up shots and Megalo Box seems to be continuing the legacy. There were a lot of really great facial shots of both Jo and Mikio throughout the match. Every expression, every emotion was on full display and that really made for a more emotional match.

End Credits: Last week, I mentioned the episode taglines that appear at the start of the end credits, but I realize I never actually paid much attention to the design of the end credits scene. Rather than having an elaborate ending sequence like most other anime, Megalo Box has a much more toned down aesthetic, a simple black background with bright neon-esque detailing framing the credits as they roll by.

Themes & Trivia

Foul: During the match, both Joe and Mikio are penalized for performing illegal moves during their match.

Guard (Boxing): This is a defensive technique that allows a boxer to protect themselves from attack while preparing for a counterattack against the opposing boxer.

Blood Moon: During the final scenes of the episode, a red full moon can be seen in the background. These typically occur when a lunar eclipse has reached its midpoint at which time the reflection of the sun’s light on the face of the moon gives it a reddish hue. While this is a natural occurrence, some religious figures see it as a sign of foreboding, signaling the end of days.


Finally some action… but, I will admit that I enjoyed the Joe v Aragaki fight more. One, I don’t care for Mikio; I think he’s a whiny self-righteous brat. Two, they didn’t set Mikio up to be this big obstacle Joe had to overcome, you kind of knew how this match was going to turn out from the jump, whereas the Aragaki fight had a bit more suspense. Of course, we knew Joe was going to win that match too, but, somehow it felt more earned. In this match, he gets the stuffing knocked out of him for four rounds and through a combination of luck and a well-timed uppercut, he wins. It just didn’t feel earned.

To the Victor Go the Spoils

This week’s episode was a definite upswing from last week’s much more politically driven episode, but it still felt a little stale for me. The match between Mikio and Joe was definitely full of all the sweet boxing action I was craving last week, but the conclusion was a bit too predictable for my taste… Maybe if they’d made this a two-parter, I might have liked it better… Overall, a solid episode.

NEXT TIME: The Die is Cast

Megalo Box

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