Made in Abyss Episode 8 Review: Survival Training

Setting out: I never thought I’d see farewells in this whole show twice! I thought we were done with those once our duo left Shiggy and Nat on the surface. But now we got an even more dramatic send off because of Marulk’s speech! That was lovely and heartbreaking! Though they only got to spend a short time with each other, I could totally see how much Marulk valued Riko and Reg, only to part with them for a journey they possibly might never come back from. I feel like they’d be sad over their newfound friends for a long while after this, wondering how they’re doing or if they’re still alive. Oops. I hope I didn’t make you guys feel depressed with that thought (I certainly am).

Lyza: And the other heart-crusher of this episode: all of the flashbacks Ozen had of Lyza! Just from those short clips and the scene after delivering a stillborn Riko, I could already feel just how important Lyza was to Ozen. No wonder she put up with all of her shenanigans, even helping her carry a huge relic to the surface just to save her daughter. No wonder she respected her wishes of teaching that daughter in the future, so she’s able to send her to her mother even though it was going to be such a burden. Ozen’s sense of duty as a mentor is amazing, but even more so her loyalty as a friend. And Lyza, oh my goodness. I somehow already had this image of her as a reckless woman due to all the stories about her. But, marriage and motherhood really did seem to mellow her out like Ozen said, because in her memories, she just gave me the feeling of being a gentle mother, hoping to have Riko follow whichever path made her happy.

Themes & Trivia

Strengths and weaknesses: ‘No man is an island,’ they say. Nobody can live in this world alone or do things on their own without other people helping them one way or another. Just like how Riko and Reg’s strengths and weaknesses balanced each other out, and so they were able to survive their training!

Living freely: There are some people who, sadly, don’t have the luxury of deciding how they want to live, which was what Lyza gave Riko. As a mother, she could stop her daughter from living a dangerous life. As a cave raider, she could force it. But she gave Riko that freedom to choose her own way of life, even if she had to be apart from her.


This episode was very dear to me. Maybe it’s just because I’m an emotional person, but the overall atmosphere and themes touched my heart. I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite episode, but it’s certainly one of the memorable ones, probably because we got so much info on the mysterious Lyza. That really took the cake!

How irredeemable

It’s off to the third layer for our protagonists, and just from its entrance, it already looks so mind-blowing! Just makes you realize how far down they already are, huh?

Well, how did this chapter of the story speak to you? Did you love how emotional it was, or was it just bland? I look forward to reading your comments! We’re also past half the Summer 2017 season, so catch up with the other reviews if you haven’t yet! You can also check official anime screenshots from the episode at our Made in Abyss Episode 8 Stills and Summary.

NEXT TIME: The Great Fault (大断層)

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