Made in Abyss Episode 13 (Final) Review: The Challengers

Another memory: In such a short span of time, Reg remembered another scene from his past, and it was clearly with Lyza! From how she interacted with him, it seemed like they were… companions? Maybe even good friends? Reg also looked like he was sad about something. What could it have been?

Welcome back: Finally, our dear Riko woke up, and her hand was looking much better! I was hoping for a dramatic reunion with Reg, but I also thought it was nice that no words were needed between them. It truly became livelier now that she’s back, plus they can all eat good food again! What’s more, we learned that she really did have a connection with Mitty, and the one we all thought didn’t have a consciousness anymore, actually helped her out! At least, they got to meet each other somewhat, even if it was just in a dream. In any case, how about that bath, huh? Riko’s innocence is outstanding, while Nanachi was totally entertained watching Reg so awkward and embarrassed! Ah, I hope their lively days continue on forever! (But we all know that’s impossible with this show.)

Preparations: Another member has been added to the Riko and Reg party, one who has a great knowledge of medicine, of the Abyss and who can see the force field! I’m glad she’s going with them from here on out, for the sake of the two, and for her sake as well! Their preparations were really extensive, especially with Riko’s rehabilitation, and just so, given how dangerous the next layer is! They even sent a package to the surface, and thankfully it got there safely! You’re also wondering what was in it, huh?

Themes & Trivia

All for science: Sad to say, Bondrewd isn’t the only person who has done despicable things for the sake of knowledge. During World War 2, the Nazis were performing human experiments on their prisoners, even on children! And throughout history, there have been other cases that are just as terrifying. (Warning: the link might be offensive to some, so check it at your own risk.)


Ever since I saw how last week’s episode ended, I’ve always wondered how this last one would wrap up everything. It felt like a huge chunk of information was still missing. I’m so glad they didn’t cram all of it into the usual 24-minute episode, but took their time and effort to make it longer! That’s why we got a beautiful and satisfying closure to things, while largely hinting that there’s still a lot more to this story.

I’m sure it wasn’t easy to make such a long episode, but the quality was still amazing! I especially liked the art and animation when Reg delivered the blow to Mitty, though everything else was also very beautiful. Kinema Citrus did such a wonderful job.

Suffering in Abyss

I feel relieved that I’m once again sad to see an anime end! Goes to show how much I enjoyed it! However, I’d be terribly disappointed if they didn’t make a second season for this beautiful gem! While I’m not exactly ecstatic at seeing my babies suffer more, I still demand a second season because we need more splendidly-written and gorgeously animated shows like Made in Abyss!

What do you guys think? Did you feel as satisfied as I did? Would you also like a second season? Let me know in the comments! Also, if you want to know how the other shows ended, our Summer 2017 reviews can tell you!

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