Made in Abyss Episode 10 Review: Poison and the Curse

Oh my good Lord God. I’m still blown away by what just happened in Made in Abyss this week. Actually, ‘blown away’ doesn’t even begin to describe what I’m feeling right now, but if you’ve already watched the episode, you definitely already know exactly what I mean. If you haven’t watched it yet though, PLEASE WATCH IT FIRST, since this episode should be reviewed without holding anything back!

Japanese Original Episode Title: 毒と呪い


Everyone faithfully watching this show most likely have already changed their opinion that this is just a cute, precious, and beautiful anime by the time the previous episode ended, or most likely even before that with everything that’s been going on. But if some people still haven’t, I’m pretty sure this episode 100% did the trick! I confess that I’m one of the latter! More than the cute art style, the precious protagonists and the beautiful world, the Abyss is still filled with death! The adventure was bound to go to hell at some point; Riko and Reg have had a brush with death multiple times. Now the closest brush happened to everyone’s horror, most especially Reg’s.

Episode Highlights

Goblet of Giants: I made a mistake thinking of how beautiful the Fourth Layer is, forgetting that this is the netherworld we’re talking about. Such a marvelous sight has sheltered countless dangerous creatures and fearsome things unknown after all. I honestly didn’t know what to expect once Riko and Reg set foot down there. But from the initial conversations they started having, a really bad feeling slowly welled up inside me. However, the beauty of the place still distracted me from the truth that countless people have already died in the midst of the scenery.

Trying to escape: After Ozen fooled the duo back at the Seeker Camp, she warned them of how far more cunning the lower layers’ creatures are than her. Now, after seeing that orbed-pincer and how it acted, I regret thinking she was just exaggerating. It was messed up! Not only it was incredibly deadly, it was incredibly smart too! It wasn’t even just smart, but it could somehow predict their next move! That’s super unfair! As soon as the gravity of the situation sunk into me, I immediately thought that they’re really unfit, inexperienced, and unprepared for this! Ozen was right! But it’s too late. Things went further south because that hopeful attempt to shield themselves, to shield Riko, failed big time. Reg didn’t even have any other choice but to go up despite the Curse!! They even left some of their stuff back there, including the Blaze Reap!

Trying to survive: I badly want to give Reg a really big hug!!! He has always thought of Riko’s safety first, and always tried his hardest to protect her, but his failure made her suffer so much and almost killed her! I can’t get over that scene where he thought she already died!! His despair was so intense that it’s impossible not to think him human! Please don’t blame yourself, Reg! I’m sure Riko wouldn’t too! An even bigger reason why I want to give him a hug is because he was forced to break Riko’s arm and try cutting it off! Oh my God! He was already beating himself up for letting her get hurt; I can’t believe he himself had to hurt her as well! And then there’s Riko, sweet, brave, amazing Riko! I couldn’t bear to see her like that! Not only is she only twelve years old, but what happened to her was only an unfortunate misstep that led to disastrous results! However – good grief, this girl is really unbelievable – despite her deadly injuries, she was still able to think of ways to survive and instruct Reg on what to do! She was even trying her best to comfort him even though she was the one dying! If I were in her shoes, I would have probably just accepted my fate. I love Riko and Reg so much!! I’m super-duper glad they’re alive!

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