Love and Lies Episode 10 Review: A Love to Give Everything For

I was looking forward to this episode of Love and Lies, hoping to see some amazing breakthrough and find out the truth about that weird notice Yukari had, but ALAS, I was let down again. Where is the action?!

Japanese Original Episode Title: すべてを捧げる恋


Yukari and Ririna are briefly freaking out over the fact that Mizaki might actually be Yukari’s destined partner (still, not as much as I thought). Shuu is being kicked out of the way by that annoying Motoi guy who seems like the type of person who likes to complain about everything and do very little. Now, the happy couple is convinced they need to get to the bottom of this, so they decide to stalk Shuu and get the truth out of her somehow. Yukari gets her number from Mizaki, and even though she blatantly ignores him, she is somehow very willing to speak to Ririna and set up a meeting with them. Before they meet, Ririna realizes Shuu is somehow related to the very creator of the Threads of Science program, which kind of explains how she’s got access to the government facilities. They go to a cat café where Shuu literally spreads nothing but utter nonsense about how Mizaki’s love for Yukari is so phenomenal it’s much more important than the whole government notice thing. And here I’ve got to say, seeing Mizaki being so selfless about it, it did give me the feels, but still, that’s what real love is like, isn’t it? Have I gotten my facts wrong? Either way, they don’t really get much that is of use out of her, apart from the fact that she wants to protect Mizaki, before Motoi interrupts them again and tells her to gtfo.

Episode Highlights

Who is this anyway: That weird girl who is stalking Ririna and whose name is not important enough for me to remember is not just irritating and creepy, but also rather pointless. Do we really need Ririna to have some random, bland friend? No we don’t. Bye.

Yukari fails again: Even though he’s absolutely average at everything and a pretty sad character overall, I can’t help but say that Yukari is growing on me in every episode. Maybe I have a soft spot for that helpless fool, or it’s all his adorable reactions to life’s constant bitch-slapping, but either way, Yukari is on the top of my list right now, cause he’s a babe.

Igarashi’s genius: Not entirely sure if I get her point. Apart from being a genius descending from the lady that started the Threads of Science, and waving her white hair and massive melancholic eyes around, she’s not really doing much just yet. And what on earth does she think she’s protecting Mizaki for? Just goes to show that brains are pretty useless when it comes to understanding how love works.

Themes & Trivia

The show’s poster: Even though I’ve been looking at it for ages, I just realized what the poster is showing: it’s a rendition of the three wise monkeys – see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Even though the original meaning is mostly referring to being good, in the west it is mostly associated with turning a blind eye to impropriety.

Japanese High School system: Somehow I cannot really find as much information as I’d like on the subject, but after watching so much anime, I have more or less figured out that some senior high schools in Japan are not as good as others. Apparently, their prestige and overall ranking depends on how efficiently they manage to get students in top Japanese Universities.

What happened to all the hormones?

Not that I’ve missed it or anything, but the romantic aspects of the show are on an all-time low. Yukari is basically double-timing his feelings, and that might explain why he hasn’t been getting any action with neither Mizaki nor Ririna. And we still haven’t technically found out anything about how Yukari got that weird notice and who his real assigned partner is, even though I’m beginning to imagine that Shuu probably had something to do with it.

We’ll hopefully find out in the next episode. See you next week with another Love and Lies episode review on MANGA.TOKYO!

NEXT TIME:  I Don`t Care If It`s a Lie (嘘でもいいから)

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