Lostorage incited Wixoss Air Date, Synopsis Revealed

Lostorage incited Wixoss

  • Genre: Game, Psychological
  • Airing Date: October 8 2016
  • Studios: J.C. Staff

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Lostorage incited Wixoss Air Date, Synopsis Revealed


This will be a brand new series following Selector Infected Wixoss that aired in Spring of 2014!
Ikebukuro – having lived in this city as a child, Suzuko Homura returns in her second year of high school. With her she keeps a precious memory – of swearing to Chinatsu Morikawa, a girl she got on well with when she was little, that they’d always be friends. Now, she might be able to meet Chinatsu once again… Just thinking about it makes Suzuko’s heart race.

Unable to fit in right away at the school she transferred to, she quickly feels out of place. That is until one day, she buys a Wixoss deck set at a card shop on her way home, thinking that if she learns how to play, she might be able to make friends. When she gets home and unseals the pack, a girl drawn in the middle of a card starts to move, opening her mouth to speak.

“Welcome, Selector.”

People chosen to be Selectors must participate in a battle wherein they stake 5 coins, in which all of their memories are stored. If they win back all of the coins, they are able to escape the game. If they lose all the coins, however, and are defeated, they must face a certain penalty…

What awaits Suzuko, who has been dragged into this absurd game known as Lostorage? What too of Chinatsu who, at the same time as Suzuko, lays her hands on a particular item…

Characters & Voice Actors List

coming soon Suzuko Homura

Voice Actor: Chinami Hashimoto


coming soon Chinatsu Morikawa

Voice Actor: Yuka Iguchi


coming soon Riru

Voice Actor: Shizuka Itou


coming soon Meru

Voice Actor: Hisako Kanemoto


coming soon Nanashi

Voice Actor: Shiori Izawa


Hanna Mikage

Voice Actor: Yurika Kubo


coming soon Shou Narumi

Voice Actor: Kazuyuki Okitsu


coming soon Shohei Shirai

Voice Actor: Shinsuke Sugawara

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