Legend of the Galactic Heroes Episode 9 Review: Each Person's Star

After last week’s special, Legend of the Galactic Heroes returns to the Free Planets Alliance and delves deep into the political situation of the democratic nation. The successful attack on Iserlohn was enough to provide them with a powerful leverage in peace negotiations, but no one expected what the ambitions of the elected would drive them into.

Japanese Title: それぞれの星


Ridden with opportunists and war-mongering fools, the Alliance high council is discussing the economics of war. The conflict is weighing too much on the shoulders of the citizens and in a nice change of pace from corrupt leaders, the Prime Minister advocates in favor of starting peace negotiations. Not so fast, gentle leader with a noble cause. This is a democracy, and that means that if you have your people’s best interest in mind, it’s going to cause a problem to the members of the government who don’t. And these members bring out their trump card: this is not a war for independence. This is not a fight to get rid of the Empire who believes they are rebels and need to be re-introduced to their long-lost motherland. This is not the British-American war (oh wait…). There is an even nobler cause. ‘A noble duty to defeat the Galactic Empire and save all humanity from the threat of its tyranny.’ Cover your eyes, Empire people, cause the Eagle of Freedom is ready to land on your heads. Who cares about the people of the FPA. They can take a few more hits. After all, this is ‘a greater cause’ that can’t be neglected ‘in favor of cheap humanism.’ And as a bonus, there was a survey that suggested that if the FPA lands a decisive blow to the Empire and start a successful invasion, their numbers would skyrocket and they may have a chance of getting re-elected! HURRAY! I don’t know what I dislike the most: surveys, opportunists in places of power, or authoritarian regimes. After this meeting, the Emperor looks like the Dalai Lama to my eyes.

And now that the attacked becomes the attacker, Yang Wen-li is needed more than ever. His resignation is not accepted and instead of that, he gets a promotion. In the name of freedom, he will have to lead more people to war, and possibly, try to save as many lives as he can. No retirement and history books for our dear hero. At least there is the possibility of romance in the air. I vote for Greenhil.

Yet, the real enemy was just revealed. Ah, yeah! That’s what I probably don’t like the most. The rich, powerful, and greedy. Like the Fezzan leader who, behind the scenes, wants to conquer both the Empire and FPA by buying them out. Not much has changed around the world since Yoshiki Tanaka wrote his novels back in the 80s.

‘To rule the universe, you need…’ ‘…money.’

Episode Highlights

Start with the ending: I was a bit confused by Jessica’s visit to Yang Wen-li was a bit unexpected and the time frame didn’t really click (it supposedly was a month before the events of the episode), but I did get why they wanted to start and finish the episode with Jessica. Her visit to an old friend who shares her anti-war views paired well with her inaugural speech. Which was great, by the way. I have always had an admiration for charismatic public speakers, and Jessica was written to have all the qualities of a good leader. She is considerate and logical. She is also hurt by the very thing she is trying to fight against.

‘History is something we create by living in the present.’

Themes & Trivia

Three Friends: The ‘two men one woman’ trio of friends is a very common trope in media. In anime especially, you can find examples in many titles. Samurai Champloo has Mugen, Jin, and Fuu; Naruto has Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura; Code Geass has Lelouch, Suzaku, and Nunnally; Star Driver has Takuto, Sugata, and Wako. Can you think of any more examples? Let me know in the comments!

A New Alliance

I really don’t like Fezzan. My only hope is this: Reinhard and Yang strike an alliance which will lead to peace and take that arrogant businessman out of the way. But that’s not going to happen any time soon, with the movies coming after the series.

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