Legend of the Galactic Heroes Episode 7 Review: The Capture of Iserlohn (Part 2)

Well, this went better than I expected. Episode 7 rounded up the suicide mission to capture the impenetrable of Iserlohn and, according to what Yang had hoped from the beginning, achieve a fragile peace between the Empire and the Free Planets Alliance.

Japanese Title: イゼルローン攻略[後編]


The episode started with a tiny reminder of the mission at hand: The newly commissioned 13th Fleet, under the command of Yang Wenli, was to find a way to capture the fortress that stands between the Free Planets Alliance and Empire territory, a planetary fortress called Iserlohn, built in the middle of a narrow space passage. The fortress is protected by a fleet garrison, an impenetrable shield, and it is equipped with a Death Star-like energy beam cannon that can easily decimate entire fleets. Thus, the only way to conquer the fortress was from the inside. Wang asked the help of a special forces team made of second-generation refugees from the Empire. Their leader, Walter von Schonkopf, came to the Free Planets Alliance with his family when he was only 6 years old, the grandson of a nobleman whose heritage and fortune was taken away when he was accused of thought crimes against the Empire. Up until then, little Walter had little aspirations for his life. As a nobleman, he wouldn’t have to be something. To the eyes of the public and to the whims of the royalty, he was already something, and that mentality passed from father to son and from mother to daughter. Yet, after the indirect betrayal they’ve suffered, the boy grew up to be a man of morals and virtues. Fond of his grandfather (how he kept to that fountain pen was adorable and a bit mellow, in a good way, and reached its WOW peak when it was used as a weapon), he came to appreciate honesty. The trust placed on him by Yang was enough to win his loyalty and dissuade him from becoming the seventh traitor since six of the previous commanders of his unit had already defected back to the Empire.

‘I just pray that trusting heart of yours doesn’t claim your life one day.’

I’m sure you have already seen the episode but let us go through the plan once more: Walter’s unit was to infiltrate the base by pretending to be an espionage unit, sent to the Rebels’ territory to acquire some secret documents about a plan to capture the fortress. After reaching the control room, they would go through the body scan procedure and reach the commander’s office. There, they would take the commander as a hostage and use the secret weapon inside the briefcase that was supposedly carrying the secret plans: particles that combust in reaction to heat and energy, thus banning any weapons from firing in fear of an explosion killing everyone in the room. After their surrender, they would lure the Empire fleet back for the final showdown. To be frank, I expected the story to take a very different turn. Not only did they succeed in capturing the base against all odds (every single detail, from Walter’s skills to Oberstein’s failure to warn his commanding officer played a role in the outcome) but Yang used his superior position to preach against war, once more. Instead of using the particle cannon to annihilate the enemy fleet, he gave them a chance to either surrender or flee. Yang saw no merit in engaging in more unnecessary bloodshed and becoming the very thing he was fighting against. ‘The heart of a warrior’ the enemy commander claimed to be the reason of not surrendering was the very food the war is feeding upon. It is just a euphemism used by fools, cowards, and blood-hungry depressed maniacs who use war to fight for false ideals. Yang knows that, as he also knows that no matter how many times you succeed in war, you’ll only be praised for those successes. Fail once and you are toast. There is no merit or honor in that. There is no merit and honor in anything that involves unnecessary killing. Yang is a man of peace and logic, and that makes him my favorite character in the show, until now at least.


I am a sucker for intermittent time storytelling techniques. The way the action went back and forth from the planning and the flashbacks to the action on the fortress gave the episode a flow I thoroughly enjoyed. Legend of the Galactic Heroes has many characters with long names and sometimes it’s hard to follow along, let alone remember them all. But each of the characters has a purpose to play and contribute in their own way to the advancement of the plot. Just take the doubtful commander who somehow suspected there was something wrong with the whole ordeal.

To the Empire!

At last, if the name of the next episode is any indication, we are finally going to the Empire. I am dying to see what’s happening Reinhard and how he plans to become the next emperor.

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