Legend of the Galactic Heroes Episode 6 Review: The Capture of Iserlohn (Part 1)

In my last review, I wrongly assumed that we were going over to the Empire’s side in this episode. Well, I wasn’t entirely wrong, but Legend of Galactic Heroes needed to prepare the ground for what seems to be the most daringly impossible plan in the history of the Free Planets Alliance. Yang is slowly building his legend.

Japanese Title: イゼルローン攻略[前編]


Yang has been given command of the newly created 13th Fleet and he manned the top brass with what seems to be the best of the best. Officers with whom he has served before and/or tremendously respects their dedication and skill. Yang is a man whose only real purpose in life is to follow his own truth and create a future according to his own ideals. For that, he would need people he can trust to do the job and remain true to their own ideals as well. If these ideals coincide, well, all the better. The capture of Iserlohn is an impossible task that can be made true only by an impossible plan. The planet is located in a narrow space corridor in what seems to be the only connecting point between the two conflicting powers. It now serves as a fueling point for the Empire, and if, like Yang, know a bit or two about war history, you would know that such strategic points can win or lose a war. In this case, Yang hopes to bring the necessary conditions for a much-needed truce. Yang’s noble cause and downright honesty managed to convince the last component of this daring plan, the leader of the special forces known as ‘Knights of the Rose’. The Knights are composed of Empire deserters and despite their reputation, the rate of defection back to the Empire is high.

‘You must either be a very honest man or the greatest sophist since Emperor Rudolph himself.’

Yet, if this plan has any chances of success, they fall upon this group acting as a secret Empire Force in the run from the Free Planet’s Alliance. This is not going to end well.

Episode Highlights

Misplaced Humor: Not everyone has the same sense of humor, and it seems that the leader of the Empire misfits has taken it a bit too far with his reference to his former country. Oh well, it happens to the best of us.

Themes & Trivia

Special Forces Insignia: Military special forces, except being extremely cool, always have their own insignia/emblem/badge that is usually based on their name. Thus, the Knights of the Rose has a shield with a sword on top and all entangled by a rose. Fictional universes that involve the military are full of such emblems, with the one that comes to my mind first being the knife-wielding fox of Metal Gear Solid’s Fox Hound. Then we have the countless badges found in the Ace Combat games and the military insignia of the Valkyria Chronicles series. Do you have a favorite fictional badge? Let me know in the comments.


Am I anxious? Of course, I am. I always have that ‘WHAT IF IT DOESN’T WORK?’ feeling when it comes to covert missions and I am really curious how things are going to go south on this one. I just have this feeling that our beloved WANNABE EMPEROR is going to suddenly appear at the base and bring a plan to counterattack. If Yang succeeds in taking the planet, then his wish for peach would very well be granted, but we have half a season and six movies and there are books and a whole other anime saga and we all know that peace is not on the plans. Like Yang would say if he was right here, let’s learn from history so that we can identify our mistakes, and if in our power, try not to repeat them.

To Iserlohn, my brothers!

Well, so far so good. Walter von Schonkopf has convinced the Empire that he is on a secret mission and he will land on Iserlohn. Still, we need to learn more about Yang’s plan. How is he going to take the base?

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