Kud Wafter Anime Overseas Crowdfunding Project Launched!

Did you miss Kud and the Kud Wafter gang? You don’t have to miss them for much longer because TOM Projects has launched a crowdfunding project for a feature-length Kud Wafter animated movie!

This project was already funded through Japanese crowdfunding website CAMPFIRE with a total of 78,047,044 yen, so a 40-50 minute movie has already been confirmed. What TOM Projects is hoping to do is to fund English subtitles and an international release – and, if the stretch goal is reached, make the movie even longer!

Rewards range in price from 3,800 yen to 420,000 yen so there’s something for all Kud Wafter fans. Some rewards even get your name listed in the end-roll credits so you will have proof of your support of Kud Wafter forever. Many of the rewards were snatched up almost immediately during the Japanese crowdfunding period because of their rarity, so the items offered were specially reserved for this international crowdfunding project!

The project will be open for funding until December 14, 11:59 PM JST. Some rewards are limited in number, so make sure to get in early. Furthermore, this is an all-or-nothing project, so if the project does not reach its goal, all backers will receive refunds.

This movie will be produced by J.C.STAFF, the producers of the original Little Busters anime, so rest assured of the quality! The original creators will have full approval of the script and structure, so fans can enjoy the Kud Wafter movie with no worries.

For more information, check out the project page!

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