Kokkoku Episode 7 Review: The Seventh Moment

Someone pinch me, Episode 7 of Kokkoku (Moment by Moment) makes the second good episode in a row and I am pleasantly surprised! FINALLY, the plot is moving along towards something that looks an awful lot like a cohesive narrative!

Japanese Original Episode Title: 㐧漆刻


After freeing Shoko’s family from their Herald forms, Juri and co. discover that Shoko’s brother, Yousuke, is still alive. With their task done, Shoko and one of the members of the Genuine Love Society join forces with the Yukawas to take down Sugawara once and for all. Little do they know, the GLS’s fearless leader has much more sinister intentions than anyone could have known…

Episode Highlights

Turning Enemies to Friends: After resolving the incident with Shoko’s family, Shoko and one of the Genuine Love Society grunts decide to switch sides, providing the Yukawas with some much-needed info about their enemies.  

The Man in the Shadows: We finally get some key insight into the leader of the GLS, Sagawa, who seems much more interested in the inner workings of the Stasis world than he is in claiming Yukawas’ Stasis stone… at least for now.

Wardrobe change: After her clothes get damaged during her assault on the Heralds, Juri undergoes a wardrobe change, ditching her white lab coat and H.G.W shirt for a more practical look: A bright green jacket, jean shorts, and dark leggings.

A Long Time in the Making: Turns out the Genuine Love Society is much older than we thought, existing as far back as 500 years prior or more. Worship of the Stasis world fell out of practice around the Meiji period, that is until Sugawara joined their ranks and brought it back to prominence.

Themes & Trivia

Child Abuse: Shoko and Yousuke’s father regularly hits Yousuke on the head, and I don’t mean playful taps, I mean smacks with enough force to make the kid’s head bounce back and forth. For the most part, it’s used as a form of discipline, but seeing as we only see him hitting his son… it warrants a call to CPS.

Can’t kill a child: Despite several characters dying in some gruesome way or another, it seems that Kokkoku draws the line at killing children. When Juri ‘saves’ Shoko’s family, her parents are already long dead, but her brother who was a child at the time of his transformation, is still very much alive, albeit very sick.

The weight of the world on her shoulders: After witnessing the ordeal with Shoko and her family, Juri now realizes that the Yukawa Stasis power is a curse that shouldn’t be used by anyone. She proposes that they destroy the stone once everyone is expelled from the Stasis world.

Seeds of Descent: Seems like the GLS isn’t as cohesive as we once thought. Many of the grunts are losing faith in their fearless leader, Sugawara.


*slow clap* Someone has taken pity on this poor weary reviewer… my prayers have been answered because we’ve finally reached the summit! It’s all coming together and for the first time since starting this series, I am looking forward to next week’s episodes. There were a lot of reveals this time around, many of which surround the leader of the Genuine Love Society, Sugawara. He has finally stepped out into the light and made his intentions known and I was not expecting any of it. We are finally getting the story I was promised when I signed up for this anime!

Ticking away the moments…

For everyone like me who are still watching Kokkoku every week, we are finally getting some much-needed payback for sticking it out through those first five episodes. So, while I am not going to go back on what I said in my previous reviews (I wholeheartedly stand behind every word), I would like to amend my criticism… slightly: Kokkoku is a series with the potential to be something great. However, it’s bogged down by its slow aimless first half. These next few episodes will determine whether the anime is worth sticking with or just a victim of poor pacing and execution.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Kokkoku? Are you hopeful that they can keep the momentum going? Or do you think they’ll fall back into the same old same old? Let us know in the comment section! And don’t forget to check the rest of the Winter 2018 anime reviews on MANGA.TOKYO!

NEXT TIME: The Eighth Moment

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