Kokkoku Episode 5 Review: The Fifth Moment

Episode 5 of Kokkoku (Moment by Moment) just barely manages to creep along, delving into the intricate mysteries of the Stasis world protectors, the Heralds, while offering some rather interesting character development for cult member Shoko.


Shoko reveals a bit about her past, namely her first experience with the Stasis world and the traumatic events that befell her family. Meanwhile, Juri and Grandpa manage to locate her father at the heart of the Genuine Love Society’s base of operations.

Episode Highlights

Not quite as special: It seems the Yukawas aren’t the only family with a magic time freezing stone. Apparently, Shoko’s family also possesses a stone that has the same ability, though it appears to be linked with the Yukawa’s stone.

Becoming one with the universe: After last week’s reveal, we actually get to see a person turn into a Handler and let’s just say it looks a lot like something Junji Ito would cook up.

Flashback: We get an extended flashback from arguably one of the best characters in the show, Shoko, about the first time she ever entered the Stasis world back when she was just a little girl. Despite being a little over five minutes, the flashback offers more story development than the first four episodes combined…

Let’s put aside our differences: In an odd turn of events, Juri and Shoko put aside their differences and actually make a momentary truce. Not much happens during that time since the show SKIPS OVER ALL OF THE IMPORTANT BITS! But, I’m sure it wasn’t important or anything….

Themes & Trivia

Survival of the fittest- Apparently, weak-willed individuals are more susceptible to becoming Handlers. Case in point both of Shoko’s parents and her brother become one with the Stasis world not long after the family gets stuck there.

A Villian with Noble Intentions: Shoko is only involved with the Genuine Love Society so she can free her family from the Stasis world. She doesn’t even want to claim the Yukawa’s Stasis power. She just wants Juri to use her powers on her family members.

Tonal Dissonance: This anime has a serious tone problem. One minute the characters are having a deep conversation and the next a character is asking to fuck another character. There is just no chill, either the show is meant to be a serious psychological thriller or an outright comedy because whatever they’re doing now is just not working.

Magic Can Fix Everything: Juri’s dad is upset that his dad never told him about the Stasis power before, believing it would have made his life easier… and I’m not gonna lie, he kinda has a point.

Testing the Limits: The members of the Genuine Love Society have been testing the limitations of the Stasis world since day one, going so far as to sacrifice members of their own cult for the sake of knowledge.


I watched this episode twice, and I still feel the same way about it, it is D-U-L-L, dull! While I quite liked the extra bit of insight we got into Shoko’s past, it did nothing for the progression of the plot other than to establish that Heralds are indeed people that gave themselves over to the stasis world. Other than that, we never spend enough time with any of the characters to establish anything resembling a plot or God forbid a cohesive narrative!!

Time Stands Still

This anime is just dragging along and it is driving me bonkers. Every episode, I expect something, hell, anything to happen, and every week I am severely disappointed.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Kokkoku? Are you still waiting on something good to happen or have you resigned yourself to a whole lot of nothing? Let us know in the comment section! And don’t forget to check the rest of the Winter 2018 anime reviews on MANGA.TOKYO!

NEXT TIME: The Sixth Moment

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