Knight's & Magic Episode 10 Review: War & Princess

Episode 10 of Knight’s & Magic tried, for the first time, to focus more on the plot and less on the mecha fights. The war against Zaloudek that started in the last episode is bringing the attention to a more targeted plot that has something to say. Of course, we couldn’t expect from the series to fix all of its problems in one episode, and it probably won’t use what remains of it to give us a proper story. The historian-narrator is still here; the pacing is faster than a speeding bullet; and the humor is way off.


The episode speeded things up a bit to include everything from the princess rescue to the death of the red-haired assassin, throwing some humor bits here and there, which surprisingly enough, were connected to the overarching plot. There was a semblance of decent plot pacing in this episode that started with the rescuing of the hostages. Ernesti is not given the privilege of finding the princess because he is not romance material. His heart beats more for robots than for women, something that he verifies when he is asked for advice on how to cheer up the princess later in the episode, ‘If she were a Silhouette Gear, I could tell what was wrong with it from the sound of its engine…’ Not everything revolves around Ernesti, at last, and some side characters get the spotlight treatment. Kid is the one who finds the princess and pledges his allegiance to her to get her to accept her rescue. In the face of danger, it is not natural for a princess to break the balls of her rescuer with constant nagging, but the show found the chance for some humor.

Ernesti takes the place he should have had from the beginning: that of the awkward genius that helps his country advance their technology. His role should have been one that was complimented by the rest of the characters and not that of the annoying prick that is the center of the world. I’m not sure if it was done on purpose or not, but the scenes with the enemy genius, Lord Gojas, provided a more fitting role for our little Ernesti. They are too similar for their own good, and their fascination with science – coupled with their disregard for human interaction – was the only character until now that could stand against Ernie with pride. Last episode, I commented on how this arc should have been the main story of the series, and now with Lord Gojas entering the scene, I’m more compelled to stand by that opinion. He should have been Ernesti’s counter-genius from the beginning.

I don’t even want to go to the second half of the episode. A failed collection of stills and humor and romance and mechas and engineering. The narrator was also back and nothing really important happened. It just reminded me how I don’t like lengthy descriptions and unnecessary scenes. Not even the Aladdin-like scene of Kid and Princess Eleonora was enough to salvage the series from the uninspiring pit it fell into during the second half.

My frustration with the plot maxed with the last segment and the death of Lady Kerhit and her ninja team. In just a few minutes, the show tried to provide a noble cause for Kerhilt’s actions and tried to build on her previous encounter with Edgar. By the moment it was all over, I was still trying to figure out why the hell would the show offer such an anticlimactic ending to one of the more interesting enemy characters.

Episode Highlights

The Happy City: It’s almost magical how every time an evil empire takes over a city it becomes from a lively place to a faded ghost city. It is the fate of everything good to be shallowed by the aura of the bad guys. Knight’s & Magic is just proving once again how morally black & white it paints its two opposing factions.

Lines: Were there some lines from the episode during the opening scene? What was the purpose of that? First overexposed sound effects, now this. What is wrong with the OP sequence?

Themes & Trivia

Did she die? The only indication we have that the red-haired assassin is dead is the declaration to the princess that ‘all enemies were slain.’ Nevertheless, the character had a lot of potential to be one of the main antagonists of the series. She also had a noble motive, to restore her family’s name, that was passed in a single scene. If the show doesn’t care about the depth of its characters, then the viewers are most likely to disregard their death as inconsequential. And that her death was.


What just happened?

This was one fast episode. The events could have easily taken two or three 24-minute episodes if they took the time to properly unravel the scenes and give each character time to shine and justify their existence. Instead, for Knight’s and Magic there are more important things like a nagging princess, a knight that is probably going to be a king, a new robot, and a battle that ended in the most uneventful death in the series.

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