Kino's Journey -The Beautiful World- The Animated Series Episode 7 Review: Historic Country

Greetings fellow travellers. So far in Kino’s Journey we’ve had a wide variety of episodes with a variety of topics. After last week’s brutal episode, this episode is a little more silly and funny and we finally learn where Kino learned her top-class skills. Let’s have a look back on this episode which itself looks back on a past incident in a country of government corruption.

Japanese title: 歴史のある国


Kino reflects a little on her time with her Master. She decides to tell Hermes a story about her Master’s time in the country with the clock tower, and even takes a visit to the country herself.


Trained by the Best

This episode introduces us to a women to whom Kino refers as ‘Master’. Her marksmanship surpasses even Kino’s, and she is a general all-around badass. She’s a looker, too, and was especially beautiful when she was younger. I’m happy that we got to meet such an awesome woman, even if, some of the time, she acts as though rules don’t apply to her.  

‘Fellow Traveller’

The cool-headedness of Master was offset by her apprentice (I’d love to know his past too). I feel he generally had a really enjoyable personality to watch, and it was so refreshing to have a guy like him show his face in Kino’s Journey. I loved how he told her the password to his case by shouting ‘it cost me 434 silver coins!’ and the police never even found it suspicious. He and Master worked really well together, and I would totally read a book about their adventures together.

A Little Bit of Comedy Never Hurt Anyone

What sets this episodes apart from the rest of Kino’s Journey is the fact that there is a whole comedic scene with the police trying to ‘negotiate’ with the travellers when they barricaded themselves in the clocktower. The police are desperately trying to force the two travellers out but Master is just playing with them like they are toys. I especially loved when Kino visits the area and the ex-officers are treating the two of them as heroes- just happening to miss out the whole ‘framing them as criminals and trying to imprison them’ thing. Well, if the country really is better off because of it, then they really are heroes (despite taking a whole bunch of money from the government on the way out).

Using Kino for Exposition

One of the best things about the episode was using a mix of the sepia-toned flashbacks and Kino’s retelling of the story to Hermes in order to show the story to us viewers. Not only did Kino’s narration make it easy to condense the story into 20-odd minutes, it also allowed us to understand Master and her apprentice’s plan in more detail.

Even Kino can be Terrified

When Hermes asks Kino what she would do if her Master were back in the country, she instantly stops and looks behind her in terror. It was cute to see Kino react in such a way and makes me want to learn about her time with Master even more.

Until Our Next Journey

I enjoyed the change of pace this week, and having the flashback played out in sepia tone was a nice touch. Having an almost Soviet-like country filled with corruption changed for the better through the actions of rule-breaking ‘travellers’ was a feel-good story in a strange kind of way. The next episode is Country of Radio Waves, which I hear stars Tea and my beloved Shizu-sama, so I can’t wait!

Next Episode: Country of Radio Waves (電波の国)

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