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Hello~! We are now in November and at the fifth episode of Kino’s Journey. We get to see two countries in this episode. Both of them hit me a bit in the feels and got me thinking: Should we preserve artifacts for the sake of it? Is telling lies always a bad thing? What is happiness? Can I be happy thanks to other people’s lies? Thanks to my own lies? And lots more questions that I can’t even begin to list here. I hope this episode got you thinking as much as I did!

I want it to be this way

Japanese Title: 嘘つき達の国


Kino visits two countries in this episode. One is a country that practically worships a former traveler who saved the it, and the other is a country that has recently undergone a revolution. The former country keeps their hero’s items in a museum, but the hero of the other country is living in the forest, desperately waiting for his lover to return home.

Highlights and Trivia

Lies = Bad, Right?

One of the themes this episode was ‘lies’. In the second country, we were introduced to all kinds of lies. However, each one of these lies was done for the sake of somebody else. For the sake of their country, for the sake of their friends, for the sake of their lovers. Despite the web of lies that has been created, this country is without a doubt the kindest and most loving country we have seen so far. However, what I thought stood out the most in this episode was how the truth was revealed at the very last minute. As it turns out, the hero knows everything. He knows the housekeeper is the princess and the woman he fell in love with. However, he wants to protect her, his friends, and his country. It is slightly bittersweet, as he will probably never be able to freely marry the woman he loves, but she is safe and they are together. Most importantly, he knows that she was not just using him, and that her love for him is real. That’s why he can protect her with his own lies. Each one of the lies in this episode have been made to protect something, and sometimes…that’s okay.

Akira Ishida~!

When Kino enters the second country, the hero came running through the forest shouting. It only took one shout for me to go ‘oh my god it’s Akira Ishida!!’. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with him, he is an absolutely legendary voice actor who is probably most well known for one of his early roles as Kaworu Nagisa from Neon Genesis Evangelion. I personally feel the role that best shows off his insane acting chops is as Yakumo VIII in Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju (I honestly can not recommend this series enough). I admit I was a little surprised that Kino’s Journey would have a cameo from a VA such as him, but he performed as flawlessly as I would have expected. I also have to admit that when I heard his voice I quickly thought ‘oh, he’s probably up to something’. I was right! Turned out he was the biggest liar all along. This casting is my personal highlight of the episode.

I Was Made to Run

In contrast to the happier (?) story in the Country of Liars, the story in the first country was much more heartbreaking. A country was saved by a traveler, and he ended up becoming their first president. He is so deeply respected by the people that they have taken great care in keeping his items and displaying them in a museum dedicated to him. The people respect him so much that they make him seem grander than he really was (the line about the trowel was especially funny). However, the heartbreaking story is about the poor motorrad. The country’s inhabitants have good intentions at heart, and want to preserve what they feel is the most important exhibit. However, like Hermes, this motorrad is sentient. Although the inhabitants knew that the bike had spoken in the past, he had since become mute. This is when we get Hermes sounding almost serious when he asks the lady to leave the room so he could try to talk to it. When the motorrad spoke, my heart almost broke. ‘It must be nice’, he said with a weak, croaky voice. Just in that one line you could feel his jealously, his lost hope, and you could feel that he had no reason to live. As Hermes has mentioned before, he just wants to be ridden, and he is happy he gets to do that thanks to Kino. The bike has become so depressed to be stuck in a museum that he doesn’t even talk anymore. Remember, the motorrads are sentient but they cannot move by themselves- they need somebody to ride them. I’m sure most people will end up thinking more about the second half of this episode, but I felt much more emotion for the motorrad. I really do hope the young boy Kino met later will discover a new partner next time he visits the museum.

Until Our Next Journey

Wow, what a rollercoaster of emotions. We started off with a gloomy story ending with a slight glint of hope, then we moved onto an even more depressing story that turned out sweet. This episode did not rely on Kino’s behaviour, and had no action scenes. It was almost opposite to the episode we got last week. However, that is what I love so far about Kino’s Journey. Kino played an even more passive role than usual in this episode, and I feel it was absolutely perfect. The pacing was great, and it was definitely a good idea to have the story of the country of liars not take up a whole episode. The director and series compositor of Kino’s Journey are doing a brilliant job and I hope the quality keeps up for the rest of the season.

Next episode: In the Clouds (雲の中で)

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