King of Prism Releases Accessories Line Fit for Royalty!

Accessory brand Liefel has teamed up with upcoming anime movie King of Prism: Pride the Hero for a new collection of jewellery items themed around the series. There are four items in the collection, inspired by Hayami Hiro, Nishina Kazuki, Kisaragi Louis, and Tachibana Yukinojo.

The Hiro I am King of Prism Crown Necklace is inspired by the crown Hiro wears on his head at the Prism King Cup. The gold finish is fully recreated, as are the cute angel fixings and the pendant also has a shiny red Swarovski crystal in the center.

The Kazuki Freedom Ring is inspired by the headdress and wings Kazuki wore the Freedom event.With the golden wings as a base, the ring has a luxury finish with an emerald green stone in the center and Freedom engraved on the inside.

The Louis Earrings and Ear Cuffs are inspired by the earrings that Louis wears, and the ear cuffs mimic the ones he wore at the Prism King Cup. The earrings each have a shiny blue Swarovski crystal in the center.

The Yukinojo hairpin is modelled on the one Yukinojo wears in the movie. With a hanging motif on the bottom, the hairpin is not only a beautiful hair accessory but also an elegant display item.

Each of the accessories is available for pre-order from Liefel’s official website as of 10am on Sept. 29 with delivery set for mid-November.

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Adapted with permission from Anime!Anime!

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