Keep Calm and K-ON! at Home With Cute Roomwear!

Fashion label SuperGroupies is about to launch a series of leisure wear items inspired by the five main girls from K-ON!.

In line with their concept of anime fashion items that can be included as part of regular outfits and are suitable for everyday wear, these five pieces are perfect for anyone who wants to show their K-ON! love in a subtle way!

First up is a cotton hoodie and leggings inspired by Hirasawa Yui. The initials for her band “Houkago Tea Time” (or “After School Tea Time”) feature across the front of the hoodie. Meanwhile, her instrument “Giita” is embroidered near the cuff of a sleeve – a reminder that Yui can’t live without her beloved guitar! The leggings also include the entire band’s instruments as a cute and colorful pattern.

Shy bassist Akiyama Mio’s set includes the same pair of leggings, accompanied by a wonderfully warm velour top. Mio is also rather attached to her “Elizabeth”, so you’ll find a small bass guitar embroidered on the sleeve!

Fun-loving Tainaka Ritsu has inspired a cute sweatshirt, shorts, and striped socks set! The band’s initials plus a pair of drumsticks have been printed across the front of the sweatshirt, with a small drum embroidery also appearing on the sleeve. Also, the comfy shorts and fluffy socks are sure to get you relaxed to just hang around and read manga like Ritsu!

The princess of the group, Kotobuki Tsumugi’s piece is an elegant pink nightie with the band’s instruments printed also in pink. However, you’ll find that the inside features the cute color print seen in Yui and Mio’s leggings! Of course, the sleeve also has a small keyboard embroidered to represent Tsumugi’s instrument.

The final set is a hoodie, shorts, and socks featuring fluffy trim and pompoms inspired by Nakano Azusa! The hoodie’s inside print again features the entire group’s instruments in color, important for Azusa given her love for her bandmates! Of course, you can also find her own guitar embroidered on the sleeve.

The K-On! roomwear sets are available for pre-order at SuperGroupies from Sept. 5 – 24 ahead of an early December release date and retail for 10,800 yen.

(C) Kakifly, Houbunsha / Sakuragaoka Music Club

Adapted with permission from Anime!Anime!

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