Junji Ito Collection Episode 6 Review: Window Next Door – Gentle Goodbye

The Junji Ito Collection episode this week was significantly better than its predecessor, with two pretty engaging episodes (and a little more effort than usual in the animation).

Japanese Original Episode Title: (隣の窓 / 緩やかな別れ


The first part of the episode follows the brief encounter of young Hiroshi with a very creepy neighbor. After moving in with his parents in their new home, Hiroshi and his mom try to visit the house next door to meet the neighbors. Hiroshi notices that the house has only one window; one that looks directly into his. They ring the doorbell but nobody answers, and the next-door neighbors inform them that the old lady that resides in this house very rarely goes out, but can sometimes be seen from her window at night. That night, Hiroshi hears the woman calling him from her window. He opens his and she looks complete gross and abnormal. She keeps speaking to him, inviting him to visit her the next day. He obviously doesn’t, so the night after, she still talks to him over her window, telling him that she’s getting closer and closer… I’m not gonna spoil the ending of this segment, as it’s pretty gross and worth seeing.

In the second part, Riko marries into a wealthy family. Since she was little, she always had dreams of her father dying, so she’s terrified of that possibility. Her husband’s family seems very distant towards her, and Riko cannot understand why. After the grandfather of the family dies, Riko witnesses an old family tradition: all the members gather together to use their memories of the deceased to create an after-image of them, one that stays with the family for about 20 years, slowly fading away, to ease their pain and allow them to get to terms with their loss. Riko asks whether they would be able to do the same thing if her father died, but the family says no. Eight years pass, and Riko sees her husband meeting with another woman outside their house. He confronts him about it, and he admits to her that she is but an after-image too and that she died ten years ago. Riko decided to leave him and stay with her father for the rest of his days.

Themes & Trivia

Fuchi’s family: Remember the model from Episode 2? I’m pretty sure she and the lady from the one-windowed house are somehow related. Lovely family.

Pretty good

I believe that, having watched half the show by now, this was the best episode. The first story was an adequate rendition of the manga, very creepy, and the abstract ending left me with the right type of feeling I would expect a horror show to leave me with. Also, the monster-lady’s hands were the first bit of worthy animation in the whole show – it looked as if the animator actually wanted to make these hands look good and creepy. As for the second story, I just felt sad in the first five seconds – the story was not creepy, just incredibly sad. Riko’s relationship with her dad was heart-breaking. Overall, good episode.

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