Inuyashiki Releases Trailer and Lead Cast Info!

A new trailer for the upcoming anime adaptation of Oku Hiroya’s Inuyashiki has been released!

The manga began serialization in Kodansha’s manga magazine Evening in Jan. 2014. Scheduled to premiere on Oct. 12, the story revolves around an elderly office worker named Inuyashiki Ichirou and a detached high school student named Shishigami Hiro. After both receiving unthinkable abilities thanks to a mysterious incident, Inuyashiki begins to use his powers for good while Shishigami turns to walk a more sinister path.

The voice of Inuyashiki will be played by actor Kohinata Fumiyo, while Shishigami will be played by actor Murakami Nijirou.

The opening theme, which was used in the trailer, is an inspiring tune called “My Hero” by the rock band MAN WITH A MISSION. Distribution will be handled by both Amazon Prime and Fuji TV.

© Oku Hiroya / Kodansha / Anime Inuyashiki Production Committee

Adapted with permission from AnimeAnime

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