[:en]Inuyashiki Last Hero Episode 5 Review: Yuko Shishigami


Unlike the previous episode of Inuyashiki which was more or less all about Inuyashiki’s bad-assery, in this one we got to see some actual progress in the story as well as some crucial character development.

Japanese Original Episode Title: 獅子神優子


Ando is watching the news with his mom, freaking out over the fact that his friend has become a killing machine and Ando is the only one who knows who the murderer is. He does some research on the recent miracles taking place in hospitals, and knowing Hiro, he realizes there is probably another person with the same powers as him. He starts screaming like an idiot in his room, hoping that that ‘other person’ will hear him. And so he does – Ichiro shows up and like a proper gentleman he rings the bell first and politely asks Ando’s mom if they are being robbed. Ando runs out to meet him and confesses everything to the half-naked barefoot old man that randomly showed up at his doorstep. Upon finding out Ichiro’s purpose, he stands in awe of his kind-hearted nature and decides to help him out. They go around town together and Ichiro starts training – finally – to better understand his powers and become able to stop Hiro. In the meantime, Hiro visits his estranged father’s new family, spend time with his step-siblings, then comes home to his mother to find out that she has serious pancreatic cancer and is about to die. He obviously heals her, and using the money he’s ‘making at the stock market’, he decides to take her out of the dump they’ve been living in and move her to a new beautiful apartment. A girl also confesses her love to him. Watching tv with his mom, Hiro finds out about her disapproving of his homicidal behavior and decides to stop killing, but it’s too late: a witness has given his description to the police, and he gets arrested.

Episode Highlights

Ando’s genius: I guess there’s not many option to choose from when you know that your friend is a homicidal maniac who chooses not to use his powers to heal people, but then again, figuring out there is someone else who is the same is a pretty long leap. I would have thought my disapproving had changed his mind, but that’s just me being self-centered, I guess.

Half naked as usual: How epic is it for Ichiro to always show up without a shirt and barefoot. It just makes the whole setup even more sarcastic towards the superhero genre. I also love the fact that Ando figured out the reason why he has to be dressed like this.

Can he not hear you?: I’m wondering if Hiro is actually eavesdropping on Ichiro and Ando’s conversation. I mean, technically, he can hear everything.

Ichiro’s modesty: I just love Ichiro. Despite being a real superhero, he still doubts his morals and feels like he’s trying to compensate for his lack of humanity.

Hiro’s back story: I was actually looking forward to this. Not only did we find out that Hiro is a child of a broken home, but also that he does have a soft spot: his mother. The only thing he cares about is seeing her happy. Shame he had to get caught right when he decided to change his ways.

Blood finger scene: Was he dreaming? I didn’t get this at all. I think he must have been dreaming that he became human again. Poor thing.

Themes & Trivia

THANKS!: If you’ve watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s, you’d probably know that replying ‘thank you’ to statements such as ‘I love you’ is not great. Apparently, Hiro has not watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

And we’re left with another cliff-hanger

I wonder how Hiro will be reacting to his arrest. Is he going to hand himself in and deny everything, or is he just going to kill everyone and run away with his mom?

What do you think? Let us know in the comment section below! See you next week with another Inuyashiki episode review on MANGA.TOKYO!

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