Intense Visuals Released For New Touken Ranbu Stage Play!

The popular mixed media project Touken Ranbu has a new play hitting the stage later this year!

Titled Touken Ranbu: Jyoden Mittsura Seitougatari, this new work is scheduled to run at three different locations, with the first being Tokyo Dome City Hall on Dec. 15. For those who just have to see it earlier than that, a special showing will also be held at the Odawara Castle on Nov. 23.

New visuals were also released, showing how the cast has taken on their new respective roles!

Aramaki Yoshihiko as Yamanbagiri © Touken Ranbu Production Committee
Yokoyama Masafumi as Yamabushi Kunihiro © Touken Ranbu Production Committee
Takeshi Naoki as Doudanuki Masakuni © Touken Ranbu Production Committee
Iiyama Yuuta as Sahayanotsurugi © Touken Ranbu Production Committee

Other visual-less cast includes Wada Masanari as Heshikiri Hasebe, Naya Takeru as Sayosa Monji, Kitagawa Naoya as Honebami Toushirou, Narimasu Yoshiko as Nihongou, and Kizu Tsubasa as Hakata Toushirou.

Tickets for the regularly-scheduled performances go on sale Nov. 7, while tickets for the Odewara Castle showing goes on sale Oct. 27.)

© Touken Ranbu Production Committee

Dec. 15 – Dec. 17: Tokyo Dome City Hall
Dec. 21 – Dec. 24: Hotel Mielparque Osaka
Dec. 28 – Dec. 29 – Fukuoka Sun Palace & Hall

© Touken Ranbu Production Committee

Adapted with permission from SPICE

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