Idolish7 Review Episode 9 Review: Precious Time

Hello, friends! While I’m freezing here in Osaka, the members of IDOLiSH7 are frolicking around at a campsite! Did you see the first episode of the spin-off series? The short and sweet episode showed us the first meeting of the members of TRIGGER! It’s definitely worth a watch, so if you haven’t yet checked it out then you can do so here: (it has English subs!)

Anyway, let’s move on to Episode 9 of Idolish7!

“I’m beautiful when wet”

Japanese title: 大切な時間


Yay! Finally, I can talk to you about MEZZO! This is the official name of Sogo and Tamaki’s duo, and comes from their musical motifs (more on that here). I talked about ‘miss you’ in last week’s review, so I’m glad that we will probably get to hear it in the anime too. Anyway, it was a fun episode this week as the boys are off to the mountains! Otoharu and Banri look dashing in their summer outfits if I do say so myself. Nagi is instantly onto the fan service. You can hear the sparkles!

With the boys assigned to their duties, Sogo is a little worried about working with Tamaki. Most of the boys are getting along well, and Nagi is being very… Nagi. We learn that despite his crazy Japanese, he can actually speak 8 languages including Japanese, English,  and his native Northmarean (a fictional language from Nagi’s home country). He mentions his and his mother’s love for the actor Shizuo Chiba, but Yamato doesn’t look too happy (foreshadowing…). Over on the MEZZO side, it’s a little bit awkward. Both feel that the other hates them. But Sogo has a knife in his hands, so it’s best to listen to what he’s saying!

Everybody gets curry, nobody notices that Tamaki has been scarred for life, and Yamato plans some sexual harassment! Everybody plays the King’s Game, and we get some much-needed fun that piled on the silliness. Riku’s eagerness to have Yamato on his lap was especially great. I would also DEFINITELY play King’s Game with Nagi. He had a whole drama planned out.

After going to bed (Yamato and Sogo didn’t even bother to sleep in their futons), Iori realizes that Riku has been concerned about him and it somehow ends up in a pillow fight + declaration of their goals! Until Tsumugi-chan bursts in and tells them all off…


  • I love how, when Banri said he and Otoharu where going shopping and asked if the boys would like anything, Yamato answered ‘alcohol’ even faster than Tamaki’s ‘King Pudding’
  • Takanashi Pro has an awesome van
  • Even Tsumugi has some brilliant comebacks (‘it was a fleeting love, wasn’t it?’)
  • ‘Forgive me? Did you forgive me yet?’
  • Did you SEE Banri’s stomach?
  • In this episode, we got to see Sogo’s true yandere side. First up was his crazy ‘yanderu’ (deranged) side when he threatened Tamaki with a knife in his hands. We also got to see his extreme ‘dere’ (lovey-dovey) side when he has alcohol inside him.
  • Although not quite yandere, I love how Otoharu shows us his protective father side by crushing his can. Watch out, Yamato!


  • King’s Game is a popular game played in Japan. Players all pull straws (or in this case, chopsticks) and one is designated the ‘King’. This King can command other members to do anything they want. However, they have to command them using the numbers they picked rather than by name.
  • The King’s Game part of the episode is actually based on an unvoiced side story from the game, so it was great to see it animated and voiced! I’m sad I didn’t get to hear Tsumugi pretend to be an alien like she did in the game, though.
  • The name of the famous in-series actor, Shizuo Chiba sounds similar to that of Otoharu’s voice actor, the legendary Susumu Chiba.

Make a Rainbow! Next Harmony

Another silly yet funny episode this week! After the cringe-fest that happened in the last episode, this was much-needed and it was hilariously done, in my opinion. I was mostly happy to see more of Otoharu and my favorite- Banri! The little details such as the plasters on Otoharu’s head after Sogo’s forehead flick and the close-up on Tsumugi’s innocent face as Yamato was thinking unsavory thoughts, were fantastic little touches. I also like how we get plenty of little chibi shots this time, and they are not overused. Riku was plenty endearing this episode not just because he made a great lap pillow, but because he was trying so hard when it came to Iori. Riku may be the happy, smiling red-headed center that seems to be an oh-so-common trope in idol anime, but this episode cements the fact that Riku is, well, just a genuinely sweet and innocent person who cares for others. He may be air-headed, but it’s on the adorable side rather than the annoying side if you ask me!

I feel like we’ve finally come to the end of the character definitions for the boys of IDOLiSH7, and we can expect more character development from now on.

See you next week!


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