Idolish7 Review Episode 10: Expanding World

We are now into the double digits of Idolish7 and Sogo and Tamaki have officially debuted with ‘miss you…’, which is an alternate version to IDOLiSH7’s ‘Today Is’. It’s also the 3rd song available in the game, so check it out of you’re interested in hearing more than the few seconds from the episode. Let’s take a look at what happened in the first episode after the formation of MEZZO.

“If you only try moderately hard and and moderately succeed, then you’ll only be moderately happy.”

Japanese title: 広がる世界


Sogo and Tamaki have debuted as the duo MEZZO, but they and the rest of IDOLiSH7 are still set on debuting as a seven-member group. In order to both booth their popularity and get people more used to the idea of them being 7 members, they start up a new web show called ‘Idolish Night with you’. The topic turns to auditioning for TV shows, but Yamato, the most expressive member of the group, dismisses the idea. After building the set themselves, the boys finally go on air. As Nagi is introducing himself (yes, it seems that long name IS his real name…), Mitsuki asks to stop rolling in order to tell him off. turns out they are live! Cut to Tsumugi going absolutely crazy. We see the boys taking part in other skits such as building dominoes (for some reason Tamaki is stacking them vertically) and acting out a police drama. We also get to see Sogo’s impressive ability to eat anything SMOTHERED in tabasco. It seems the unpolished programme is going down well with the viewers, and it even brings in an offer for a drama for Yamato, who immediately turns it down. Now, what I really like about Tsumugi is that she is very observant (of course that should probably be a given for a manager like her) and she confronts Yamato. He pretty much brushes her off and it isn’t until his talk with Mitsuki that he decides to change his mind. Mitsuki’s way of thinking is that you can’t be happy if you just half-arse things. You need to work to the fullest to be happy to the fullest! Yamato ends up taking the job and…he is amazing! The rest of the members are in shock at just how talented he is at acting. If you check out the script on his best after the drama airs, you’ll see that it is falling to bits. He used it to the fullest!

We finish with a delightful scene with the boys back on their web show. Everything is off-script, much to Iori’s chagrin, but things are going great. We can tell this thanks to the wonderful smile on Otoharu’s face in the very last shot.


  • You probably already know that I have a real soft spot for Tsumugi, and her going crazy after the boys didn’t realise they were live was absolutely adorable. I could almost feel the heat coming off her face!
  • Riku was an adorable air-headed puppy as always. First off, he seemed so happy to introduce the first program, and there was a little blush on his face. Secondly, him mistaking Tsumugi’s ‘I forgot to tell you’ as the next program section almost had me clutching at my chest due to its cuteness.
  • The way Sogo savagely shook that bottle of tabasco with a calm look on his face made me chuckle.
  • Nagi’s innocent expression when he asks everybody why they don’t watch the drama in his theater room (i.e. Mitsuki’s bedroom) was brilliant.


  • I7 Police: During one of the skits for the online show, the boys are told out to act out a police drama. It takes place in one of the meeting rooms, but we can use our imagination. Iori comes running into the room to show his fellow officer-cum-older brother a photo of a kidnapping. We see picture of the rookie officer Nanase, who has been kidnapped! Isn’t the picture adorable? This is actually a real card from the game, which was part of the ‘i7 police’ set. The other members are dressed up in the same outfits as their cards from the set (except Yamato of course). It’s quite sad that we didn’t get to see Sogo, who has insane yandere doctor vibes going on. I really do recommend doing a quick search for the cards in question as they don’t disappoint.
  • Idolish Night With You: The web program is called ‘Kimi to Idolish Night’, which not only means ‘Idolish Night With You’, but is also a pun. The ‘I’ in ‘idolish’ is written with the kanji 愛, which means ‘love’ and is pronounced ‘ai’ (like the letter I). The ‘night’ is written ‘naito’, and it can also mean something like ‘I must’. So, the show title could also be something I like ‘I must love you’, ‘I must love idols with you’ and so on. Interesting, the real-life web programme with the cast members also had the same title.
  • Comments: During the online show, the viewers can type comments in real time for the hosts and viewers to see. I noted down most of the comments from near the end of the episode:
    • This show really relaxes me when I’m tired
    • Announcement! I want to hear the drama’s announcement!
    • Yamato’s performance was sooo good
    • I’m looking forward to the drama
    • It’s nighttime but I’m getting all fired up lolol
    • Don’t get murdered next time lol
    • Iori-kun is all in a panic lolol
    • I’m looking forward to the concert and the drama!
    • Everybody’s so cool!!
    • I want to go to the concert
    • It’s amazing that you’re getting another drama!
    • I will definitely go to the concert!
    • I hope you don’t get a murder victim next time
    • Mitsuki-kuuuun!
    • There’s a Monthly Live Collection?
    • You’re going to be in LiveColle? I gotta buy it!
    • Is Iori OK? Lol
    • I love MEZZO and IDOLiSH7
    • Sogo-!
    • Do your best, Iori!
    • Everybody is so cute, I want to cheer them on!
    • I will support the concert and drama!
    • Everybody’s just doing what they want lololol
    • Panicky Iori is so cute haha
    • Nagi really is gorgeous
    • Having all seven boys together really is exciting
    • Ainana-!
    • I still have so much support to give!
    • Sing, Nagi!
    • hahahahahahahaha
    • Nagi really does whatever he wants
    • Sing, sing!


My Small Love Will Never Reach You

After the silly episode of last week was a slightly more serious atmosphere this time. I was most impressed by Mitsuki’s little speech about a half-arsed effort meaning half-arsed happiness. For it to actually get Yamato to take off his mask was a big deal. As much as Yamato calls himself the big brother, we all know the best big-brother figure in the group is Mitsuki. Maybe I’m biased as I would love a big bro like him. I love these episodes that have a great balance between the silly and serious moments. If you are up to date on the story in the game like I am, you will feel nostalgic for the more peaceful days that the anime is depicting…
See you next week!

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