Idolish7 Episode 8 Review: Please, Music

Hello Seven Girls and Boys! We are at Episode 8 of Idolish7. This episode was a little slow compared to last week’s jam-packed one, but we got to experience what may be the biggest second-hand cringe of the series. What is an idol anime without the main group spectacularly failing? We got a few really important moments in this episode, including the confirmation that Sogo and Tamaki will be making their debut ahead of the rest of the boys. Let’s take a look at what these important moments were.

“You don’t need to find someone or something to blame”

Original Japanese title:  プリーズ、ミュージック


IDOLiSH7 have arrived backstage at Music Festa and are understandably very excited. It’s their first time to ever get their name on a dressing room, so they take a cute commemorative picture. While Tsumugi is away, the group decide to try greeting the other talents that will be appearing on the programme. Riku thinks this may be his emotional reunion with his twin, but Iori uses his surprisingly good impression skills to explain why that is not a good idea. It is clear that Riku’s attacks are exacerbated by stress, so now is not the time to meet up with the brother that left his family. Riku needs to put i7 first right now.

Meanwhile, Tsumugi literally bumps into the president of Yaotome Productions, and he literally grabs her face and it seems as though he recognizes her. That is until his son comes running down the corridor telling him off. Tsumugi stutters adorably when trying to introduce herself, and Gaku tries to play it cool. He kind of fails in my opinion.

On Riku’s end, he catches TRIGGER’s songwriter in IDOLiSH7’s dressing room. Riku doesn’t know who he is and doesn’t think all that much of it, but his inhaler has been broken. Just the stress of the loss of his inhaler is enough to bring him to the verge of an attack! Iori notices this, and during the performance, he is so concerned with Riku that he forgets to sing… The ever-perfect Iori is absolutely mortified, and the rest of the group don’t fair too well after this mess up (TRIGGER’s analysis was quite helpful, thank you). Gaku is actually affected by this, as it seems he really had hopes for IDOLiSH7.

After the performance, Iori has run away to the Zero Arena, which is a place special to his older brother, Mitsuki. Iori apologizes with tears in his eyes, but this isn’t the time for blaming others or yourself. Nagi, who seems to be allergic to sadness, perfectly changes the mood by getting the boys (+ their manager!) to dance in front of the arena as they realize that this experience can only make them stronger.


  • The mess up was so well done in the anime adaptation. This scene lasted a little longer in the anime than in the game, as it was perfectly paced to build up to him missing his part. Unlike in the game, we could hear the characters singing, so it was possible for the viewer to realize that Iori had messed up before the man himself. The pause everybody made and the way they stared at him had me cringing so much inside.
  • Iori’s tears! This was one of those moments where I’m really glad I could see the story get animated. The subtleties of Iori’s facial expressions really showed us what he was feeling. It also reminded me that, despite his intelligence, he’s still just a child and is lacking in life experience. He really needed to fail like this at some point.
  • Nagi was brilliant in changing everybody’s feelings. Despite his crazy accent, Nagi is by far the best with words when it comes to the rest of the group, and indeed any other character in the series. I liked his little speech so much that I thought I’d write it down below:
    ‘The music box here doesn’t take coins. As long as someone asks them to sing, they’ll come back to life countless times. Like the moon waxes. Like the morning sun rises. Our heartbeats will never, ever stop.’


  • The song the group performed at the Music Festa was titled ‘TODAY IS’. Any of you who have played the game or listened to the i7 album will be quite familiar with the melody. This song is based on ‘miss you…’, which has the exact same music, but different lyrics. ‘Miss you…’ is a gentle love song, whereas the lyrics to the insert song from this episode are much more positive and about looking forward and bouncing back.  As ‘TODAY IS’ is technically a new song, and because the lyrics were so fitting to the end of the episode, this time we didn’t get the TRIGGER ending, but instead got to listen to all seven i7 boys singing the song. Interestingly, the lyrics to ‘miss you…’ are written by somebody different to ‘TODAY IS’.
  • One tiny interesting change in dialogue is how in the anime Gaku referred to Nagi as ‘the blond’, but in the game, he referred to him as ‘the half’. Nagi is literally half-Japanese and half-Northmarean, and Japanese people often refer to mixed-race Japanese with the word ‘half’. Although it certainly isn’t meant to be derogatory when Gaku says it, it was probably changed to ‘blond’ on purpose to avoid any negative connotations.  

Today is Another Story

This episode did not have quite as much happening as Episode 7, but featured 4 very important moments.

  • The songwriter entering the IDOLiSH7 dresser
  • Tsumugi meeting the Yaotome father and son
  • Riku coming eye-to-eye with Tenn (even if Tenn seemed to look down on the whole group)
  • The group (particularly Iori) experiencing their first spectacular fail (if you don’t count their first concert, which was expected to not sell tickets anyway)

We didn’t even get to the next episode before a positive message of looking forward and learning from your experiences. Which is fine by me as I don’t watch idol anime to get depressed! The only real disappointment I got from this episode was the fact that re:vale didn’t get a cameo other than Mitsuki mentioning their name. I’m hoping they get something by the end of the series!

As there are no previews at the end of this episode, we can only guess what will be featured next week, but it looks like we are going to see the official formation of a certain duo!


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