Idolish7 Episode 6 Review: Triumphant Return in the Rain

Hello fellow i7 fans. It’s that time of the week again where I ramble on about fictional 2D idols and their struggles in the idol industry! In the last episode, Riku’s illness was exposed after collapsing after a performance. All I can really say is: I think Riku should probably wear less revealing outfits on stage, am I right? Even after they made it LESS revealing for the anime…. Anyway, let’s take a look back on the episode that finally introduces Gaku’s father, the yakuza CEO of Yaotome Productions!

Are you happy? – Yes!

Japanese title: 雨の中の凱旋


Tsumugi and the boys are working hard to prepare for their sold-out outdoor concert. Riku’s illness has been exposed, but the boys all support him and the concert gets off to a great start. However, the sky gets darker and darker until they are performing under a thunderstorm. Oh, no! The power is out! So, there is nothing to do right? Nope! With just one spotlight on stage, Tamaki performs some of his awesome dance moves and entertains the crowd. I enjoyed this scene in particular as in the game there was no way for me to actually see Tamaki’s sweet moves. With the power coming back on, we get to hear a beautiful solo part from Sogo and the boys get back to performing. With the concert ending in success, and with Tamaki and Sogo’s special performances, the two boys are quickly gaining popularity. The two of them receive a request for a TV appearance. Tamaki, of course, is desperate to appear on TV, but Sogo feels it would be a betrayal to the other 5 members of the group. The purple and cyan boy end up fighting in the corridor (as I try to resist the urge to shout out ‘and now…kiss!’). As I mentioned in an earlier review, Sogo and Tamaki are going to prove hugely important for each other’s character development, so don’t take your eyes off them. As if you could!

We then get to take a look at the members of TRIGGER at Yaotome Productions. Gaku’s father Sosuke has some hard-hitting words about what it means to be in the industry, but it seems Gaku does not take after his father. The episode ends with Sosuke approaching Tamaki and Sogo in the street in a DUN DUN DUN moment.


  • BANRI AND OTOHARU IN T-SHIRTS! Forgive my caps, but this was the biggest highlight for me. I’m not trying to say the episode was boring. I’m just saying Banri looks damn fine.
  • The animation for Dancing Beat was unexpectedly good. It did a lot of blending between the 3D and 2D parts, and the awkwardness was really at a minimum. I was pretty pleased with the result, although the 3D will always seem slightly out of place.
  • The new song was just really cute in general! I can imagine the audience will really get into it when it’s performed at the real-life IDOLiSH7 (+ TRIGGER + re:vale) concert this summer in Tokyo.
  • When Riku says he would give a good performance even if he collapses, Mitsuki brings a much needed tsukkomi with ‘don’t you dare!’. I wish I had a big bro like Mitsuki!
  • Tamaki actually offered Riku (half a spoon of) his beloved King Pudding! Good lord!
  • Speaking of Tamaki, I enjoyed the scene of Tamaki surrounded by girls because it shows how huge he is despite being the youngest and most immature member of the group.
  • A wild Sosuke appears! We finally got to meet Gaku’s father and president of Yaotome Productions, Sosuke Yaotome! His cheeks are so sharp they can cut off the rest of Riku’s clothing. I love how he just appears in front of Sogo and Tamaki wearing that outfit. He looks so much like a yakuza that if I were Sogo and Tamaki, I probably would have run pretty far.


  • Did you notice that Tamaki went STRAIGHT for the camera as soon as they started rolling?
  • Also, a small thing to notice was that soon after Tamaki started dancing, all the glow sticks turned cyan.
  • The high-five. After Tamaki finishes dancing and passes the baton over to Sogo, they both do a high-five. The background has a purple and cyan gradient, and we hear an echo as they say, ‘Good job, Tamaki-kun.’ ‘Do your best, So-chan.’ This tiny little feature represents a huge turning point in the career of these two, as well as in their relationship.

La la la Forever Wish

This episode marked a huge advancement in both Tamaki and Sogo’s relationship and the drama between Takanashi Pro and Yaotome Pro! The first few episodes have gone at quite a slow pace, so I’m looking forward to some real tension both within the group and between TRIGGER and IDOLiSH7! This episode was not particularly exciting, but set the foundations for the drama that is coming. We are seeing less and less of Tsumugi (she isn’t really the main character, as that position belongs to the members of IDOLiSH7), but she is still proving a core part to the development of the group. She did a great job at the concert, too!

Finally, as the B-side to the new IDOLiSH7 single was released in this episode, I’m expecting the new TRIGGER song to be revealed in two week’s time. My. Body. Is. Ready!


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