Idolish7 Episode 3 Review: Their Feelings

Hello MT readers and welcome to the Episode 3 review of the long-awaited TV anime IDOLiSH7! Since you are here, then that hopefully means you were taken by the seven hopeful idols and their adorable manager. However, if you’ve somehow wandered in here without any knowledge of the series, I may as well point you in the direction of this guide to each of the boys and their motifs:

IDOLiSH7 Review 0: An Introduction to Idolish7 and Its Motifs

This episode takes a look at the individual members of the group and some of the friction between them.

Japanese title: それぞれの気持ち

Mitsuki…I have a confession. I am…beautiful!


After the performance at the almost empty venue, Iori makes a proposal to Tsumugi to help her manage the group. Iori (who I like to call Iorin) is well-aware of his intelligence and seems a little pushy. But did you see that adorable smile? That’s something we couldn’t see in the game, and I’m pretty sure I let out an audible gasp in front of the TV. We are then introduced to the dormitory, which will serve as the background to many important points in the story, especially when it comes to the development of the characters and their relationships. Seeing Nagi prance around assigning each room put a big smile on my face. It seems he is even more strange and energetic in the animated version, as we can see all his large and lively movements.

As Iori and Tamaki are under 18, Tsumugi needs to collect permission slips from their guardians. I was relieved at the natural way that we learned that Tamaki is currently in care. Tsumugi didn’t have to ask why his name is different to his guardian’s, and he brings it up in a kind of relaxed way that only Tamaki could do. Next we learn who has been assigned the center of the group, which is of course… Riku! I like how quickly the center is decided, and there isn’t a whole episode of the the guys fighting amongst themselves for the role, as Riku is the most logical choice.

After a bit of a disaster after a street performance, big brother Mitsuki starts a meeting with the group and group activities end up being temporally put on hold. We got to see one of my favorite scenes from this part of the game: Mitsuki going mental in Nagi’s room! Nagi’s reactions were actually TONED DOWN a little from the game! But they end up having a lovey-dovey anime marathon anyway. A little later, we hear Riku talk about his complicated feelings towards TRIGGER. His words have a lot of meaning, so stayed tuned to find out why!


  • When Iori says ‘How cute’ after Riku barges in asking for help was the moment in the game where I began to love him and is the first true indication as to his tsundere tendencies.
  • Nagi smashing his face against the screen to watch Magical Kokona was literally for me this entire episode.
  • Just the whole scene that takes place in Nagi’s room was a big highlight. Apart from Mitsuki’s fabulous ‘SHUT UP!’ and Nagi’s ‘No! My magical stick! Noooo!’, we learn a great deal about why Nagi is the way he is.
  • Tsumugi’s reactions to Iori were glorious! Satomi Sato was obviously the right choice for the adorkable Tsumugi.
  • Speaking of Iori and Tsumugi…’Please spoil me sometimes.’ OMG, IORIN, YES I WILL!
  • Kaoru! He is TRIGGER’s beautiful effeminate manager. It will become very obvious who his favorite member of IDOLiSH7 is later on.
  • Sogo is not angry.


  • Notice that during the anime marathon, Yamato had a different can of beer in his hands each time. He didn’t lie when he said he likes beer.
  • Riku is assigned to be the ‘center’ of the group. For those of you that may be unfamiliar with Japanese idol groups, the ‘center’ is usually the most charismatic member and is the ‘face’ of the group. They often represent the group on TV shows, have the most singing parts and, of course, stand in the center of group when on stage.
  • If you watch the Wish Voyager sequence closely, you’ll see a random runway worker dancing along.

Shaking you heart

Episode 3 had a lot more comedy gold in it compared to the first 2 episodes, and is definitely taking advantage of the fact that we can now see the boys moving around on screen. Although I wish there could be just a teeny bit more effort put into the facial expressions (not that they are bad right now), it is kind of moving to have the boys not be stationary on-screen (‘moving’, geddit?). We are starting to see some of the all-important angst, mostly revolving Riku right now. I just hope next episode we can get a proper introduction to TRIGGER and hopefully see them perform!


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