Idolish7 Episode 11 Review: The Direction of Summer

Hey guys! I’ve been listening to TRIGGER’s ‘Heavenly Visitor’ on repeat ever since it came out and I think I even hear it in my sleep! That’s definitely not a bad thing. I think that as the summer comes, I’ll be crying myself to sleep every night as I won’t be able to make the live concert in July. I will be there in spirit, cheering my boys on.  Anyway, there is the taste of summer in the air with this episode of Idolish7 as the boys head to Okinawa to film a music video for a very summery song indeed! Let’s go!

‘Anyone can be famous for a generation. Even us. What’s hard is forever. To be famous forever, you need to be a legend. Like Zero.’

Japanese title: 夏のゆくえ


The boys of IDOLiSH7 finally get the news they have been waiting for: they are going to debut as a seven-member group! Before releasing their debut single, they all head to Okinawa to film the music video for it! Of course, they have to fly there, and it seems that it is the first time for both Nagi, and yes, even Sogo, to fly in peasant class.

Although the boys are working hard, they are still enjoying Okinawa to the fullest! While hanging around in the hotel lobby, the boys see a VERY sexy TV commercial featuring TRIGGER’s Ryunosuke Tsunashi. There is a reason he is known as the Sexy Sexy Beast…. We learn that he is the stepson of the president of a rich hotel chain…and speak of the devil! Ryu appears with a lady hanging on to him. It seems she wants to..ahem..invite him back to her room, but it turns out that Ryu is less ‘sexual’ and more ‘innocent and angelic’.

As the IDOLiSH7 boys bump into the TRIGGER ~men~, Riku lets slip the words ‘Tenn-nii’ (I’m sure most of you are aware that ‘nii’ means ‘older brother’). It seems that the other members of TRIGGER are unaware of Tenn and Riku’s relationship.

Later, MEZZO’ are doing some TV work while in Okinawa, and a suspicious man makes Tamaki an offer to let his TV programme participate in helping him find his younger sister. Tamaki accepts, despite Sogo’s protesting that these types of things really need to go through their agency.

The rest of the boys decide to tail Riku, who is off to the top floor where TRIGGER are staying. Unfortunately, Nagi does not have the ‘indoor voice’ required for sneaking around. Riku then decides to let out his feelings and explain his reasoning for becoming an idol….to a door. And behind that door is…Gaku! As Riku is kidnapped, not invited, into the room by Gaku, the rescue rangers are caught by Tenn! He uses his poisonous tongue. Iori is triggered. Mitsuki is triggered. (Geddit, TRIGGERed?), and Tenn is scarier than anything you can find in a horror movie.

Luckily, everybody makes it home safely, but… Takanashi Productions’ office space is a wreck. Their demo tape has been stolen! Nagi seems especially affected, and I think this is an important point to remember for later on. Just as the boys are about to announce their debut single to fans, a video plays on the huge screens. It’s TRIGGER, with what was supposed to be IDOLiSH7’s debut single… ‘Natsu Shiyou Ze’ (Let’s Do Summer).


  • Tsumugi and Banri getting so hyped up over future plans was really adorable, if not a bit worrying. I also loved how Tsumugi also let slip that some of the ideas were Iori’s… Naughty girl.
  • Tamaki even has a King Pudding eyemask.
  • THAT TV commercial. Geez. Way to try to murder me, Idolish7.
  • MEZZO HAND SIGNS!! I spent a few minutes working out how to do them with my own hands.
  • The boys all had their motif numbers on their outfits, which was really cute.



The boys all head to Okinawa in this episode. Okinawa is the southernmost prefecture in Japan and stretches almost all the way to Taiwan. As the history of Okinawa is very different to that of mainland Japan, the language varies very much. As you may be aware if you watched Before the Radiant Glory, Ryunosuke is from Okinawa and sometimes speaks in such a thick Okinawan dialect that nobody else can understand him. Although he can speak standard Japanese now, his accent comes out in full-force when he’s drunk. (Fun fact: Ryunosuke’s voice actor is actually from the NORTH side of Japan.)


One of the more delightful scenes was when Sogo and Tamaki were filming a scene for a TV program with a delicious-looking fruit parfait. This part was pretty much EXACTLY like a real Japanese TV programme- even right down to the colored subtitles that took up half the screen. It’s common (too common) for the hosts to eat something and ‘give their thoughts’ on it, usually giving an over-the-top reaction to how delicious it is. Tamaki, however, will only give his honest opinions, which is one of the reasons he is so endearing.

Natsu Shiyouze Music Video

The TRIGGER music video that played on the screens was almost completely identical to the animations that play in the background during the song in the game.

Let’s Do Summer!

Spring has not really arrived yet, but I got the fresh feeling of summer by watching this episode! It had some great little comedic moments while setting up quite a lot for the future story. We learned that Ryu’s stepdad is a rich hotel mogul, and that even though he’s a star, he still takes the time to play with his family! There was also a hint that his hot and sexy image is actually something created by Gaku’s dad, because the real Ryunosuke is as innocent as a puppy. Speaking of innocent puppies, my favorite shot this week was the close up on Riku with his face pressed against the window as he looked at the view from the top floor of the hotel. What a cutie. It’s quite difficult to get a balanced episode as there are so many boys, but I feel that the comedic moments really help in reminding us about each of the guys. I really live for the little tsukkomi moments, such as this week’s- Iori: ‘Judging by his behavior it’s clear where he’s going.’ Nagi: ‘Yes, a lady’s room.’ Yamato: ‘No, that would be where you go.’ Good to see the boys are getting along well, even if Nagi is a slight perv.

However, with the end of this episode, some real drama has started! How will Takanashi handle the robbery? We’ll have to wait until next week!


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