How Does Japan Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

February is here and already the shops are filling up with roses and candy boxes. Maybe you’re planning something with your special-someone or just lining up some classic romance anime to marathon, but have you ever wondered how they celebrate February 14th in Japan?

In Japan, Valentine’s is still a day of giving although their twist on it is different from what we might be used to. Women buy or make chocolates to give to their male friends, relatives and co-workers (and then on White Day, March 14th they return the favour!) Giri-choko is given to male friends and colleagues, while special Honmei-choko is given to close friends or boyfriends.

The origins of this tradition in Japan and a little hard to trace directly, it is speculated that I might have started as a way for chocolate companies to advertise, or as a way to make an acceptable time for women to confess romantic feelings towards others.

Do you have any plans or traditions for Valentine’s Day? If not, would you want to try out a Japanese Valentine’s day instead?

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