High School DxD New Series Review

High School DxD New categorizes itself as ecchi and harem. If you’re familiar with Japanese terminology, then you should know exactly what this entails. If you’re an anime beginner, then what it basically means is that the content is sexual in nature. You can expect flat-out nudity and other types of perversion.

In Japan, this kind of anime is normal. There’s no shame in watching them no matter your age, and so, the target audience for High School DxD New is quite obvious. With all the exposed breasts, battle talk, and poorly-timed sexual innuendos, this is a teenage boy’s wet dream.

Now, outside of the glaringly obvious mature content, there are also other tropes that this anime focuses on. If you haven’t watched the first season, then you’re likely to be completely lost as to what this review will be about. Obviously, as the second season of the series, High School DxD New, explores a few things that the first season had left up in the air.

The original plot had primarily involved the nuances of Issei Hyodou’s (main protagonist) journey, as a new demon trying to maneuver his way around the supernatural world that he had been forcefully introduced to. Of course, a large part of this journey is overtaken by the group of girls that are coming along for the ride. The first season had been mildly tame in regards to the harem aspect. There were a couple of girls that began to feel the budding of their emotions towards him, but only a few acted out on it. This completely changes in High School DxD New. A lot of the girls have actually moved into his home and begin sneaking into his bed!

After a while, you’ll get used to the idea of Issei being greeted by a pair of very naked breasts in the morning. This is the fanservice part, the portions of the story that makes the anime a little more enjoyable for its intended target audience.

High School DxD New breaks this slice of life feel with main story arcs that change the tone of the anime (almost) entirely. In these story arcs, we get introduced to the general plot of the story. What are the angels like? Are the demons all as good as they appear? What kind of troubled pasts do these girls have? All those and more are answered in this new season. It’s actually pretty nice to get to know the girls. To be honest, they’re the reason the anime is so enjoyable. Overall, when it comes to plot, sometimes it takes itself too seriously and sometimes it takes itself too lightly. However, most of the time, it’s a median of one or the other.

Technically, it’s pretty much the same as in the previous season. The art style is blocky and definitely a lot more two-dimensional. However, the voice-acting is very nicely done. Again, much like the previous season, I like how you can tell the girls apart by their voices (despite the fact that they are everywhere in this anime.) This variety makes certain that you can enjoy the anime in the regular sub if you prefer.

Let’s look at a quick rundown before we conclude!


  • High School DxD is unashamedly entertaining!
  • Season 1 and Season 2 together make for a very-well rounded plot!
  • The fanservice train doesn’t stop!
  • The girls are as beautiful and amazing as ever!


  • Battle-scenes still aren’t doing much for me.
  • (doubles as a pro and a con) The fanservice train doesn’t stop!

Is it really one of the best anime on the planet (as its fans are clearly suggesting with a bit of humor)? Well, I guess that will depend on who you are asking. All this is based solely on preference after all. If you don’t belong to the target audience, then you are unlikely to enjoy the anime. However, one cannot deny that High School DxD New brings a certain innocent quality (if you ignore the blatant nudity and the crass jokes.) So, if you’re looking to have some harmless fun, then it wouldn’t hurt for you to check it out. If nothing else, you’re bound to laugh at the silliness of the characters and the blatant disregard for decency.

High School DxD New

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