Grand Blue Dreaming Episode 3 Review: A New World

The madness that is called Grand Blue Dreaming continues on in Episode 3 this week! We had enough time to get used to the jokes and humor, and once again, there are some serious parts in this episode, hidden between the comedy like a gemstone. Let’s dive into the review and see which were the better and worse parts of this week’s episode!

Japanese Title: 新世界 (Shin Sekai)

Episode 3 – A New World

Everything starts with a strange nightmare for Iori, which suddenly turns into reality when he wakes up. He is supposed to participate in some male pageant contest at the spring festival. His category would be the comedy one, which means he has to wear the school uniform of a girl to look the maximum of ridiculous. The sole reason for it is that he is supposed to make money for the club by winning the contest. His friend Kohei, on the other hand, is supposed to enter the regular contest as well. The only way for them to not have to participate is by getting Chisa to join the regular contest… A mission impossible, as it seems. So Iori and Kohei do the only logical thing: they want to get Chisa drunk so that she agrees to the contest.


New Character

Hey, another girl! She is amazing! Azusa suddenly appears, when Iori wakes up next to her. Naked. Like all the other guys in Iori’s room. She also beats all of them in strip rock-paper-scissors and she is smart and understands people while not pushing them. She seems to enjoy watching over other people. So far, I think Azusa is my favorite character. I hope she stays an important character in the show and appears a lot!

The magic of ending at the beginning

I was impressed with the ending of the episode. There was this theme of the school uniform and how Iori didn’t want to wear it. For the more serious parts, we follow Iori experiencing something new when he dives for the first time. It was the most serious scene of this week and I think it is amazing how they tied it up with the funny scenes. Iori mentions that diving for him is a new world and one of his naked-senpai is very impressed with the enthusiasm Iori has after diving for the first time… Iori is upright ecstatic (he is sparkling!) about his experience and keeps talking about a whole new world he was introduced and that he is happy he was able to see it. Then naked-senpai crushes him and tells him that wearing a girl’s school uniform also is a new world he should try and we are where we started off at the beginning, the dilemma that Iori has to wear girl’s clothes…

Real joy

‘The joy of learning how to do something you couldn’t do before’. This is an amazing quote I want to share with everybody, because we grow up and learn all the ‘important’ stuff in school, get busy and forget that there are always other things to learn, more things to experience and that there is this incredible feeling of being proud of yourself when you do something you never knew you could. I personally still have many things I want to experience and learn and try. However, I can see so many people out there who do not. If you suggest to go and ride a horse, they might look at you as if you are crazy, because they never rode one before and which grown person would want to ride a horse for the first time? So this line got me and I love it and will write it down to remind me and my loved ones that there is so much joy in learning something new. It is a quote from one of the naked-senpai and was so good, I nearly wanted to learn his name! (Sorry, not sorry! For now, they will stay the two naked-senpai. Maybe once they had some scenes that distinguish one naked guy from the other I will remember their names… Azusa with her cute nicknames for them nearly had me. Not this episode!)

Living with crazy

Chisa seems like she is living with those crazy guys just because she is so used to it and doesn’t know another life. But you can see the love she has for all the craziness around her shining through already and it is something that makes me like her. She seems a bit simple-minded so far, because she doesn’t talk much and often blushes when Iori is around, but I like her! There is also this smart move where Chisa makes Iori join the competition anyway, even though she agreed to do it for them (after Azusa practically tricked her into it with her sweet, sweet words and compliments…)
So yes, I think it is nice to see that you do not have to be 100% on board with all the crazy ideas and nakedness of your friends. You simply have to accept them and be there for them when they need you. The characters seem like a nice, big family to me already and even though I wouldn’t get naked with Azusa together, I would definitely like to join them for some diving fun!

Drinking Game

I hope you have your drinks ready for a re-watch! This week we will drink whenever we see the ocean in the background, a picture or front on and also when they talk about the sea or the ocean. Since it isn’t fun to re-watch all the episodes all the time for the drinking game, I will also go ahead and choose a trigger for the next episode! I have no idea what things might appear or where we would have to drink a lot, but let’s go ahead and decide that we will drink whenever foods or drinks are on the screen or mentioned! It’s a festival, so I can only hope that there is lots of food and drinks. Can’t wait to see if I will write my next review sober or not!

See You Next Week

At this point in the series, we can take a first look back and see how we feel about it. I think Grand Blue Dreaming might not be a masterpiece, but it is an entertaining watch. I like the random serious parts it has a lot, it seems like it shows life like it is. At least to me, it feels like it because I can relate to most of the moments, even if they are completely over the top for comedic relief. Testing the ‘tea’ your friend gave you to see if it really was just tea, the tendencies to play games that will end up having some of the friends being naked, the laughing and teasing… There really are groups of friends like these. It feels good to watch it. Though I won’t deny that I hope there will be more awesome quotes and a tiny bit less alcohol fanaticism and nakedness in the future.

Grand Blue Dreaming

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