Golden Kamuy Episode 9 Review: Gleaming

Sugimoto almost stars in a yaoi fanfic, and the Ainu are finally found in the middle of the action… against their will.

Japanese Original Episode Title: 煌めく


Henmi (weird death boner guy) is trying to get Sugimoto to attack and kill him. Asirpa has already figured out that he is present in the fishing shack, but it is Shiraishi that recognizes him and causes him to start attacking Sugimoto. Naturally, Sugimoto is stronger and more skilled than he is, so just when he is about to kill him, promising him to never forget how shiney/bonery/whatever he looked up dying, A WHALE SHOWS UP AND SNATCHES THE GUY. Yup. Everyone jumps in a boat and tries to rescue him from the whale (because they need his tattoos) and his boner seems to be crossing to a new dimension. Sugimoto even takes off all his clothes to dive in and grab him so we get to see a little bit of his ripped scarred physique, oh yeah. He manages to save Henmi’s body and skins him to keep his tattoo. The old weirdo dies happy.

In the meantime, Tanagaki is found by two members of the 7th division – Ogata, who wins ‘hottest voice to be matched with an empty stare’ award, and the weird twin that survived Sugimoto’s rage. They question him but his answers don’t seem to have them convinced, so they set off and start snipping him, Osoma and Asirpa’s grandmother from a hill. They manage to escape, and Tanagaki, faithful to Tsurumi’s orders, realizes that there is a treacherous conspiracy taking place in the 7th division.

Episode Highlights

That is a lot of sexual innuendos right there: Naked swimming Sugimoto, staring in the eyes of the guy he is about to kill and promising to never forget the way his planetary-sized erection was shining upon his death… I don’t know what sort of people masturbate to that stuff, but wherever you are, good for you. If you fantasize about someone killing you and get a boner, you should notify your school.

Shiraishi, oh snap: You thought you could play the old double agent card against the most badass 100-year-old mofo with the sword around? Well then, bad idea. Hijikata is planning to overthrow a whole government, so probably not the right person to mess around with. I was so shocked when he showed up!

Sugimoto – hot, kind and creepy: We all know Sugimoto has a really tender side. He doesn’t want to kill when he doesn’t have to, he always feels sorry for the animals he kills, and on this very unusual episode, he seems very understanding and compassionate towards a crazy guy who wants to be killed in the most brutal of ways. Not-sure-if-want.

Themes & Trivia

Check out this tweet: This unofficial Golden Kamuy account has spotted this wonderful illustration of Hijikata referencing his very famous sat-down picture. Am I the only person who gets overly excited about such stuff? History nerds, anyone?

Ogata’s sexy ass voice: That mellow timbre in Ogata’s voice belong to no other than Kenjiro Kuda, who you may know as the voice of Seto Kaiba from Yu-Gi-Oh! and Hannes from Attack on Titan. Can’t say Hannes was my favorite character but I wouldn’t mind me some Ogata, I have to say.

Japanese screen print style: As I’ve mentioned before, I love how the character design of the show keeps the characters very originally asian-looking yet still manages to give every single one of them a strong individuality. In this episode, I was observing how beautifully the faces incorporate elements from Japanese prints, especially when drawing the eyes.

This is why we can’t have nice things

Golden Kamuy’s story is pretty damn great. The characters are likable, there is a tension as to what is about to happen, there’s history and tradition involved… I really, genuinely wish this show had a better budget. I would be so delighted to watch this with some great art in the background.

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