Girls' Last Tour Episode 7 Review: Labyrinth – Cooking

In Episode 7 of Girls’ Last Tour, Yuu and Chito set off to find what is basically the only thing they always look for, and Yuu’s meaning of life: food. Who could have known.

Japanese Original Episode Title: 迷路 / 調理


After witnessing Ishii’s horrible fall to nothingness and to the lowest levels, Chi and Yuu follow her directions to get to a ration production facility, where they’re supposed to find food, specifically, potatoes. Now somehow Chito misses the entrance to the main pipe that leads to the facility’s core through a lit corridor, and because of that the girls are forced to climb some very scary looking pipes hoping to find their way in and, of course, to food. Chito, being afraid of heights, is really freaked out, but just as they reach a point where their lantern would be needed to light their way, the pipe breaks beneath her legs and leads her indoors. How she did not get sliced like a german sausage, I have no idea. The girls follow the path to the very disappointing potato plantation, that literally has but one potato left. They then slide down to explore and find potato starch, salt, and sugar, which they use to cook their own rather sugary rations, thanks to the instruction on the ration packaging.

Episode Highlights

Not sure if Chi is a wimp: or if Yuu is completely out of her mind. I understand that she’s not terrified of heights, but casually walking around a dark labyrinth of suspending pipes like these is not very normal. Sorry.

Alive without eating: is not living at all, according to Yuu, and having been asked the same question rather recently, I have to say I agree with her. What’s there really to live for if you can’t enjoy food?

Ishii’s instructions: Maybe instead of giving them instructions like ‘you’ll definitely figure it out’, Ishii could have told the girls to look for an actual entrance to the pipe, and avoid sending them to an early grave. Just saying.

Lame potato: Well, Ishii did say there were not many potatoes left, but I don’t think anyone could have imagined that there’s just one potato left. I think she was just trying to screw the girls over to help her with her stupid failure of a plane.

Yuu get a grip!: Playing around with your friend’s life in an attempt to see if potato crushing machines work is probably not okay. Is she stupid or just a genuine psychopath?

Missing the entrance: This made me think of myself when playing open-world videogames. It’s like the regular way from point A to point B is invisible to me so I can’t help but take to most extravagant, unlikely path and struggle.

Giant slide: sure, being afraid of heights, it makes complete sense that Chito jumped into a dark slide to the unknown.

Potato kneading sequence: Cute, very cute, but a little bit too long. Even though, to be fair, kneading does feel like it takes ages.

Themes & Trivia

Order, disorder: Once more, the girls’ contradictory personalities appear in juxtaposition, as they discuss the idea of having guidance directing you in life. While Chi, being a rather square, meticulous, rational person, enjoys and feels safe following instructions, Yuu find that lifestyle boring and seeks adventure and alternative pathways to move ahead.

Gotta cook brb

Cute episode. I think what is currently missing from the show for me is a few more shots of their environment. It feels a bit neglected yet plays such an important part in the story.

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