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Another week of Yuu and Chi’s adventures is here, and this time with a little bonus: in Episode 6 of Girls’ Last Tour we get to meet another living being called Ishii, who, compared to the other three we’ve seen so far, is a little genius.

Japanese Original Episode Title:  故障 / 技術 / 離陸


Chito and Yuu are in trouble; their Kettenkrad has stopped working and they’re stranded in the middle of nowhere. Yuu has accepted the futility of trying to fix anything and Chi is freaking out. At this point, they see a human running behind a flying airplane and run to meet them. Ishii, an engineer who promises to help them fix their Kettenkrad, asks them to come with her to an abandoned plane base that she calls home, where she’s trying to build an airplane. The girls will have to help her in return for getting their vehicle fixed. She also offers them some really weird looking potatoes and the opportunity to have a hot bath, as there is both electricity and running water in the base. After a rather uninteresting montage of them putting the aircraft together, Ishii helps them repair the Kettenkrad and flies off into the distance, only to have her baby airplane be broken and fall to its doom. Thankfully, she manages to survive thanks to her paraschute, but the odds of her continuing to do so after falling to the ‘lowest level’ are very scarce. The girls pack up some potatoes and take off once more.

Episode Highlights

Typically oblivious Yuu: I can’t recall Yuu ever being nervous or afraid; unlike Chito, she has made peace with the fact that they are very likely to die at any time and is not willing to try too hard to avoid the inevitable.

The highest level: Oh how I wish we’d get some backstory on how the levels work, where the girls were born, what exists on the lowest and highest level, and why they know so little about human culture. I also figured that the reason nothing grows anywhere is because if there are levels of artificial earth to climb, well, they’re probably not very fertile.

Yuu’s gun: The first thing she grabs when the girls see Ishii in the distance. Just like when they met Kanazawa, we get to see that’s she’s ready to shoot anyone. A bit contradictory to the converstation the girls later have when taking a bath.

More deus-ex-machina: Just as everything was about to fall apart, someone conveniently appears to save the day! How typical. I wish this could stop happening in mainstream media.  

True hopelessness is not having anywhere to go: This thing Ishii said really grabbed my attention. I initially thought it was a bit of an overstatement, because you always have somewhere new to go… unless you’re stuck somewhere. I guess that makes sense.

That crappy montage though: ‘We don’t really have much content for this episode so let’s put that huge montage of them fixing a plane there’. BOOOO

The last pilot in human history: A very romantic way to look at Ishii’s hopeless effort to fly to the other city. Gave me a bit of feels.

Themes & Trivia

What was that reference?: I’m Yuu, and I’m Chito, and together we are…? I’m too old to remember, but this scene definitely rings a bell. Interesting to put such a pun in a show where the girls are oblivious to human culture, JUST SAYING.  

Ishii’s voice actor: Kotono Mitsuishi’s voice grabbed my attention right away: god knows how much I hate high pitched voices – and hers is soft and mellow, which is always great. She’s been working as a voice actor since the early 1990s and has tons of roles in her portfolio, look her up.

Where do we go now

The next city… I wish the girls would reach something new other that this post apocalyptic rubbish of the world they’re in. That or either give us some backstory, please!

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