[:en]Girls' Last Tour Episode 5 Review: House – Nap – The Sound of Rain


Follow Yuu and Chi in Episode 5 of Girls’ Last Tour as they rediscover essentials of the human culture, such as houses and music. It’s hard to imagine humanity without either, isn’t it?

Japanese Original Episode Title: 住居 / 昼寝 / 雨音


The girls are discovering old apartment blocks, where people once used to reside. They sit by the window imagining what life would be if they could stay in one place with a roof over their heads, not having to roam a barren earth and look for supplies. The next day, Chito, after almost crashing their vehicle, she decides to take a quick nap in order to recover from having stayed up all night. After she falls asleep, she dreams of some rather disturbing versions of reality, including balancing herself on top of a pile of pebbles, a giant Yuuri, riding the back of a fish, a giant fish Yuuri, and other regular things that take place in nightmares. Later, as they travel through what seems to be a forest of giant iron bars, they seek shelter from the rain under some ruins, and while Chito is reading a book, Yuuri discovers the art of making music by placing hollow objects where the rain is dripping. The girls decide to enjoy the sound of the rain and rest a bit more.

Episode Highlights

Oblivious to human culture: Was the world always like this? What is music? What is it like to live in a house? It seems as if the girls are completely clueless to the way humans used to live. I wonder where they were living when they were with their grandfather.

A great house with no roof: I found adorable how simple-minded and free-spirited was Yuu when she stated that the whole world is her home.

Gross: Having to look at fish-Yuu’s mouth dripping slobber in the sea made me gag.

Iron bar forest: Interesting how the makers of the show play with our perception of reality by making those iron bars look like trees.

Themes & Trivia

The lack of purpose: I guess what always blows my mind in scenarios like this is how the characters just keep going without really having anything in mind. They are just looking for food and trying to survive. In the case of Chi and Yuu, they don’t really have a choice, since food doesn’t grow in their version of the world and they need to keep going.

House conversation: Interesting how the girls discuss the concept of having a home; since to them life is wandering, they seem to find the idea of having a home redundant and peculiar; Probably something that present day humanity finds to be essential due to the way our society is structured. A great read on this is Bachelard’s Poetics of Space.

Yuu’s wordplays: Yuu uses the word ‘house’ (,ie) to create a rather cheesy play on words that Chi doesn’t seem to be very appreciative of.

House decoration and styling: While the house looks a bit barren and dry in terms of decoration, like some sort of communist condominium, the armchairs by the window remind me a lot of modernist art-deco designs, a bit like the London tube seats.

Fish and symbolism: Fish are a very common symbol in human history and anime is no exception, Angel’s Egg being the first example that comes to mind. They are a symbol of abundance and faith, but also (even though debatably) our current astrological age (pisces).

Bandu: The game the girls were playing with the stone is an actual board game: it’s called Bandu and it is one of my personal favorites.

Dream aesthetic: Notice how the drawings slightly changed during Chi’s dream session, indicating how this is a dream and not reality? You may not be surprised to find out that this is a very common storytelling technique across a variety of media.

Our world sucks but at least there’s trees

Lots of interesting themes and symbolism in this week’s episode. I’m always pleasantly surprised at the fact that this show manages to stay interesting without a very rigid plot and structure.

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