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Somehow, an episode about photography and religion just makes perfect sense to me. And so do cheese-flavoured rations. I wonder what other flavours they’ve got.

Japanese Original Episode Title: 写真 / 寺院


Yuri and Chito are investing their time in studying experimental photography and roam around this dystopian world of theirs (as usual) taking pictures of weird phallic statues that look distressed. After almost being killed due to Yuu’s reckless use of her art, Chi confiscates the camera and discovers that it has a timer. The two of them take a picture together with Chi’s mouth in the shape of a small ‘o’ as she says ‘cheesuuuuu’. They keep moving toward that massive bright building they’ve been looking at since the previous episode, and realize it’s filled with penis-shaped statues that lead to the top of a staircase where people wrote some sort of god manifesto 400 years ago. Their little lantern dies, but thankfully the building lights come up and reveal a huge hall filled with what looks like a female penis goddess and some fake materialization of heaven. The girls discuss the concept of god and fool around the hall only to find it to be a great disappointment.

Episode Highlights

Phallic statues galore: I mean, it’s pretty obvious that they’re supposed to be a reference to some god-like entity, them being literally spread everywhere around the derelict cityscape. Their eyes are creepy and they look like dicks, very much like the glorp thread in reddit. Don’t go there. They also appear in the beginning of the opening video.

You suck at driving: Wel,l I love you Chi, but you do. I mean, even if you look at your back for a couple of seconds how could you miss the massive dick-shapped google-eyed pillar that is right ahead of you? Come on.

Camera memory: 54000 photos? Is the photo resolution that low or the SD card that big? Either way, that is sure to last them for a while and future camera technology seems very handy.

CHI IS GOD!: And you should make food offerings to gods. Needless to say Yuu was not impressed.

Themes & Trivia

Photography of nothingness: The girls using a camera really did remind me of Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou and the android’s relationship to its camera. It also made Chi realize the temporality of things, which is probably why she decided to take a picture of the two of them together; to leave proof of their existence if they perish; just like the broken statues of the city.

Blurriness and photography jargon: Noticed how when Yuu talks about blurry photos she uses the word bokeru (暈ける), which means to blur? If you’re a photography nerd, you are probably familiar with the term ‘bokeh’, meaning the blurry part of a photo that is out of focus.

Can you eat god? I’m squeezing my brain trying to remember where I’ve seen a being trying to eat god before but I just can’t. In the case of someone as shallow and pragmatic as Yuu, it is plain hilarious.

Suspending sculpture: The sculptures in the god room really reminded me of Alexander Calder’s work. To be honest, the whole room looked like some sort of depressing installation art.

Artificiality: Very much like a lot of artificial paradises that exist on our Earth (ex. fake Dubai islands, artificial ski slopes…) there is something very uncanny about coming across objects that imitate reality, like plastic flowers and glass water. When that artificiality becomes an entire space, the feeling is even more estranging.

At least use a stapler…

What I really like about Girls’ Last Tour so far is how this anime is genuinely cute and relaxing, without being… well, crappy. It discusses intense themes and tells a tragic story on a light tone and keeps you entertained without lowering your IQ. It’s the type of thing I’d like to watch before going to sleep and dream about metal flower gods. That would make a great name for a band, by the way.

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