Girls' Last Tour Episode 2 Review: Bath – Journal – Laundry

Trigger alert: don’t watch Episode 2 of Girls’ Last Tour if your mom still does your laundry. Imagery of independent kids surviving in a post-apocalyptic world while still managing to keep themselves classy and occasionally write a book may follow.

Japanese Original Episode Title: 風呂 / 日記 / 洗濯


Yuuri and Chito (who are so far the show’s only characters) are stuck in a pretty dramatic snowstorm. As they travel through miles and miles of thick snow and strong wind, almost when they’re about to freeze, they discover another huge building ahead of them. Very similar to the rest of the buildings in the world, it looks like some sort of power plant and is run through with numerous thick pipes, one of which is not covered in ice. The girls quickly realize it must be filled with hot water (or, it could be any other hot substance, but I guess water makes more sense?) and shoot it open to have a bath under a massive half-cut pipe. Yes ladies and gentlemen, they are bloody onsen even in post-apocalyptic anime. What did you expect? Thankfully we are spared the visual of casual over-sexualized nudity (just because it’s one of the things that I would find completely redundant in that type of show) and the girls set off freshly washed up. That night, as Chito is trying to explain to Yuuri the fact that she’s writing a journal, and the importance of written word and books, Yuuri goes into what I would call ‘Yuuri mode’ = a state of mind that occurs to people who are either high or pathologically stupid and throws  into the fire one of the few remaining human books that Chito is carrying with her, claiming they were running low on fuel. Chito is not impressed. The following day, the girls find themselves in a city with a dam filled with cold running water, produced by melted snow, and thanks to the good weather and fresh water, they manage to wash and dry their clothes, and have fish for lunch.

Episode Highlights

Are they the only living beings?: The girls seem surprised to find a fish in the water – implying that it is quite unlikely to find any other sort of being roaming the earth apart from humans. But even they seem to be pretty scarce. Is everyone dead?

Intro & ending: Both very well made and beautifully appropriate for the show’s style and content. I think I particularly like the draw-y style of the ending video, it looks so animated.

Army aesthetics: I might have mentioned that before, but the army aesthetics of this show are so prominent. Obviously, this is a reference to the war that has proceeded the situation the characters are currently in, but it does make me wonder whether they were actually involved in the war as kids.

Don’t shoot the damn pipe: Have you not heard of ricocheting? And, on top of that, how do you know it’s not filled with burning hot oil or something that is corrosive enough to melt your whole body? I guess such a substance would probably be in a plastic pipe, but still.

Character Juxtaposition: It is pretty evident that Yuuri and Chito are representing two different dominating characters: the smart, bookish, reasonable one, and the strong, impulsive, not-so-bright one. A pretty easy balance to keep with just two characters in the show, but also a necessary one; they would have probably not survived were they both the same.

Grandad reference: They did mention him a couple of times during the episode. I wonder if we’ll be getting some insight to their past anytime soon?

The importance of history and education: Chito is trying to explain to Yuuri how by writing and reading books, human manage to maintain a memory of what has happened throughout history. As she represents the intellectual part of the team, she cares about civilization and literacy, because she believes it’s essential to human development. Yuuri, on the other hand, who is more pragmatic, just needs fuel for her fire and something to eat.

Themes & Trivia

Onsen everywhere: Is there any anime where there’s not a relaxing bath scene? This tradition renders all my rushed showers very disappointing.

Fish eye: Noticed how there was a close shot of the fish’s eye while they were wondering if they can eat it? That’s because this is how you can tell if fish is fresh. Their eyes are still shiny.

Holiday, Celebrate

Happy to see the writers cut the girls some slack this week. Bath, laundry, memoirs, and a proper meal, one could say they’re even spoiled at this point. Really enjoying the show so far, and looking forward to seeing more. My only issue is this: I cannot get used to the constant chibi faces. They don’t bother me, it just feels weird.   

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