Gintama Drama Welcomes MADAO

dTV’s live action drama adaptation of popular shonen manga Gintama has confirmed its official title as Gintama 2: Yo ni mo Kimyou na Gintama-chan! It was also announced that Tachiki Fumihiko and Tsutsumi Shinichi will be joining the cast as Hasegawa Taizou (better known as MADAO) and Matsudaira Katakuriko respectively.

Tachiki is a seasoned voice actor who actually played MADAO in the anime and was featured in the narration for the previous live action movie’s trailers. A new visual shows Tachiki as MADAO, huddled in a box with his beloved sunglasses. Tsutsumi is also a veteran of his field, having been active as an actor for over thirty years.

The drama will consist of three episodes, the first titled Nemurenai Aru, focussing on Kagura (Hashimoto Kanna) and Gintoki (Oguri Shun), the second Hijkata Kinen, starring “Demon Vice Commander” Hijikata Toushirou, and the third Ikutsu ni Nattemo Haisha wa Iya, featuring Gintoki and Hijikata’s visit to the dentist.

As with the first live action film and drama, dTV will begin streaming the drama on Aug. 18, one day after the premiere of the upcoming live-action sequel Gintama 2: Okite wa Yaburu tame ni Koso Aru (Rules Are Made to be Broken).

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