Get HYPED – 12 Anime Recommendations to PUMP YOU UP!

Mondays, right? But it is not just Mondays, sometimes it is every days. Sometime you just don’t want to roll out of bed and go to work or dig up the energy to get up and go to mow the lawn. However, like all problems in life, anime can help. You know that feeling when you watch just the right anime and it fuels every aspect of your life? No? Well, there are certain anime series out there that just inspire. Not only do they make for an exciting watch, but they can help you get off that couch later and go do other things.

My Hero Academia

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There is just something about heroes that get everyone’s blood pumping. Maybe that’s why Marvel movies are so popular. My Hero Academia is about a kid that so badly wants to be like his hero, and number one hero, All Might, but he lacks even a mediocre quirk that has become necessary for hero work in his world. However, after a chance run in with All Might, he finds out that All Might has a quirk that he can actually give to him. From there on, it is all wonderful training and fights that showcase some magnificent emotion and displayed through stunningly beautiful animation.

Toppa Tengen Gurren Lagann

gurren lagann inspiration

Believe in the Kamina that believes in you! Gurren Lagann is both rife with good catch phrases and over the top action. It is a show about passion and how that passion can drive you to the stars, rather literally. It tells the story of Simon who starts off in a town living underground and you follow him on an upwards trajectory with his friends and handy ancient robot from there. Even if you are not a mecha fan, the over the top nature, comedy, and manly chest beating throughout is sure to light a fire in you.

Dragon Ball Z

dbz inspiration

I attribute DBZ’s enduring popularity to 1 part nostalgia and 3 parts epic fights, even if they do sometimes take too many episodes to complete. If you don’t get chills when Goku first transforms into a super saiyan for the first time, then you are some kind of monster. The show definitely has its flaws, but the good old fashioned good versus evil battles take you back to a simpler time and the massive power-ups always mean there is someone stronger out there waiting.

Great Teacher Onizuka

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I’m mean, he’s a great teacher so it has to be inspiring to some point. If you can look past the dated animation, Great Teacher Onizuka is a classic for a reason. He’s a teacher who bends over backwards and takes bullets to help his students, but he’s not your standard teacher. No, no, Onizuka is a pure thug, which makes him the perfect teacher to relate to his class of troublemakers that everyone has written off.

Of course, we all know that behind every single troublemaker is something other than just a bad attitude. Problems at home? Problems with their peers? Onizuka figures it out and solves it, all while being a big perv and a silly son of a bitch.

Assassination Classroom

assclass inspiration copy

In the same vein as Great Teacher Onizuka, Assassination Classroom is about an unconventional teacher and a classroom full of students that don’t fit in at their highly competitive academic high school. Unlike Great Teacher Onizuka, Korosensei is a superhuman being that is blamed for destroying a portion of the moon. He initially challenges the students to kill him before the end of the year or he’ll destroy Earth. It sets him up as a villain, but he proves to be an amazing teacher and an amazing person who teaches students more than just math. The whole assassination element gives what could be just another school life series an interesting element of action that, when paired when the life lessons, leaves you pumped and wanting more.


haikyuu inspiration

Haikyuu? It mind as well be called Hype-kyuu. Sports anime series are generally always a good bet for a decent dose of energy-raising inspiration, because if they didn’t have it, it’d just be like watching sports. However, Haikyuu really embraced the formula by filling it with amazing characters that you always want to root for and moments of triumph made even sweeter by just how devastating those moments of defeat were. I mean, honestly, they really turned an anime about volleyball into something everyone can love.

One Punch Man

one punch man insp

Many anime series have made it so their main characters are strong, and almost always close to the strongest without even realizing it. However, One Punch Man is about THE strongest hero. A man who can defeat anyone with just one punch. Sounds pretty boring, right? And that’s the problem! That hero is bored with his massive power. Yet, instead of the series just being about him wallowing in it, it instead shows off some of the flashiest, most adrenaline pumping fights of any anime series. The way they pulled off the premise and the very unique fights within are what make One Punch Man shine as one of the more popular action series.

Kill la Kill

kill la kill insp

Kill la Kill is an intoxicating mix of really weird and just super awesome. It literally goes from zero to 100 in terms of action and oddity in the first episode and just doesn’t stop throughout the rest of the series. The story of revenge and dead fathers is generic at a glance, but the way it was told, with all the unique costume quirks in the world, make it feel like a wholly unique. Due to the fluid animation and the quirkiness of the battles, it is the kind of series that draws you in quickly and drags you along for the ride.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

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It’s not called a “bizarre adventure” for nothing. What makes Jojo so interesting is that it is a story that spans generations, and throughout that, you are gradually introduced to more powerful beings. Some say Stands ruined the series, but others will say that they only made it more exciting. Jojo has always been renowned for the unique (and completely ripped) characters, and by adding unique powers it only empowered their manly auras.

One Piece

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All shounen shows –  your Narutos, and your HunterxHunters, your Fairy Tails –  all have a way of pumping you up through action. It is kind of their job to craft interesting and amazing action scenes that leave you feeling great. However, while One Piece has the most daunting entry requirement of watching many episodes or reading many chapters, it is by far one of the most intensely cool shounen series. It has a huge cast of characters both good and bad (as well as every grey in between) and each of those characters has either an awesome power or an awesome outlook on life. You have characters like the indomitable Whitebeard or Zoro, the three sword wielding manbeast, and really almost every fight can light a fire in you.


diebuster inspiration

The whole theme of Gunbuster is determination and passion. Noriko is just a terrible mech pilot, but she has a goal and struggles endlessly to achieve it. As a sort of sequel, Diebuster works in a similar way, but takes things even more over the top with Nono. When Nono stand there unmoving and undefeated with her arms crossed or Noriko rips off her top from sheer passion, it sends those chills through you and may make you want to punch a hole in the wall from sheer hype! (Don’t do it though, if you hit a stud, you’ll break your hand for realsies.)

Seven Deadly Sins

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Seven Deadly Sins never rose to One Piece or Naruto levels of popularity, but it is definitely not a bad show. In it, you follow a girl looking for the Sins that were labeled criminals by the government they once guarded. However, it is the other Holy Knights who are the real criminals. While you can fault the Sins for being just ridiculously overpowered, it is still a pleasure to watch every one of their fights, even the ones where they are simply trying to not completely pulverize their opponents.

What are some series that pump you up? Let us know in the comments section below.


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