[:en]'Gantz' & 'I am a Hero' Creators Reveal New Projects


Shogakukan’s Big Comic Superior magazine revealed that Hiroya Oku (GantzInuyashiki) and Kengo Hanazawa (I am a HeroBoys on the Run) will each launch a new manga. Oku and Hanazawa are both respected mangaka that specializes in seinen stories.

Big Comic Superior

Oku’s manga will be titled GIGANT, which is being teased as a “boy meets girl” story and will launch on December 8, 2017. Hanazawa’s manga is being kept a secret for now.

Oku’s Gantz and Inuyashiki series have won awards, topped sales charts, and received anime adaptations. He is known for challenging the perceptions of good and evil, tackling adult fears such as old age, and the consequences of violence.

Hanazawa is an award-winning mangaka known for writing human dramas and people overcoming their weaknesses. Boys on the Run and I am a Hero are highly regarded and both have live-action adaptations. None of Hanazawa’s work has been adapted into anime.


Are you looking forward to reading Oku and Hanazawa’s newest projects?

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