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If you asked me to describe this whole anime in one phrase, it’d be that it’s *damn relatable*. Gamers! captures the complete essence of what it means to be a gamer and this is seen even in the first 3 episodes. Read on to understand how this anime made me go out and write a preliminary review for the first time.

Story: 10/10

Now I hear you say “10?! You’re a fanboy!”. Lemme explain, Gamers! has a very very relatable plotline (about how gamers feel in society and how they cope with it), that really ups the ante to a new level. Few anime ever reach this level as many of them rely on tropes and cliches to appeal the audience. Now this anime *is* also guilty of having a few tropes here and there but that applies to all anime, the point is that Gamers! takes those tropes and changes them to its own identity. Simply put, the tropes are reduced and existing tropes are changed.

Art: 9/10

As expected of a Kadokawa assisted project, it’s a beauty. The extra effects added when someone gets shocked or happy, etc are pretty hilarious and adds an extra cute touch to the characters too. The OP and ED are also vibrant and inviting along with tons of references to Games only true gamers will catch! It’s pretty fun to look at the art but an issue might be with those who watch it in low resolutions like 360p (a common res in non-registered anime sites) and 480p (offered by Crunchyroll to free users) so I recommend to watch it in a high resolution to enjoy as this particular anime gets hard on the eyes of not done so…

Sound: 9/10

Almost all the characters have perfectly matched voices with their personalities too. One issue I had was with the voice of Amano. His character and voice just don’t feel right to me. He sounds too much like a girl. Apart from him, every other character seems nice especially Tendou and Tasuku in their voice and expression.

Characters: 10/10

Ah, here is where the anime shines. The relatable characters. I’ll individually label them and explain in detail: 

Amano: His character as a protagonist is around in the middle of cliche anime and best MC. On one side he isn’t a Yuuki Rito who gets flustered each time a girl talks to him (to a certain level) but then again he is dense,.a typical anime trope which might never end… His motivations and interests resonate among many people as he wants to play games for the fun of it.

Tendou: This anime’s answer to the “Perfect Girl” trope, Tendou typically falls head over heels for Amano (something pretty obvious from the start) and constantly chases him comically in every episode and cries when he ignores her. She is a cross between a bit Tsundere and a bit DereDere. Nevertheless, she is one of my favorite characters from the start in the series but unfortunately she doesn’t get much attention save for the first episode till now (the third episode). I might change this as the anime moves on but for now I’d close it like this.

Hoshinomori: A character introduced from the later episodes (2/3), Hoshinomori is your typical female gamer. This anime’s answer to the “Shy dere” type. She relates a lot with Amano and is practically very fun to watch when with him. It feels as if they’re a perfect match (though in personal opinion I ship Tendou more, but that’s just an opinion). Hoshinomori is a person who can’t keep up a conversation and is an introvert at best, thus boosting her relatable status to the highest point of the anime too.

Enjoyment: 10/10

Personally as a gamer, I really enjoyed this anime so far and am really interested in what happens in the future too. It’s relatable nature (how many time have I repeated that word? Well, that’s the anime’s strong point anyway) is one most frustrated anime watchers can enjoy for a change from the cliche filled other anime out there. I loved it.

Overall: 9/10

Overall I’d put this at a 9 for now. It still has some jarring issues with tropes but comes around beautiful with the characters in the end. It isn’t perfect, but it is certainly a very enjoyable anime which many would love in the future. Anime of the year would be too much of a title to give the anime, so I’d say this is one of the best anime of the Summer season 2017 (aside from Aoyama-kun). Recommended to all gamers!

P.S: Tendou is the best girl <3

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