Gakuen Babysitters Episode 8 Review: Part 8

Saikawa’s joke over the phone: He is the funniest character in the show and the best thing is that his jokes really come out of nowhere. When he said that his pantsu are black, I lost it once again. He is kind of a troll… Making red rice because Ryu received a love letter… THIS GUY.

Yagi is bringing all the girls to the yard: Yagi and Nezu were in the lost-and-found section in the festival and there were so many girls around him. I wonder if the girls think his nosebleeds are hot or something. Maybe they think that he is having ecchi thoughts about them and they dig it. Who knows?

Themes & Trivia

Red rice: Saikawa prepared red rice in order to ‘celebrate’ the fact that Ryu got a love letter. The red rice that he made is called Sekihan (赤飯) and it’s a Japanese traditional dish which is basically sticky rice boiled together with adzuki beans, which give a reddish color to the rice, hence its name. Sekihan is often served on special occasions throughout the year in Japan, like birthdays, weddings, and some national holidays. Sekihan is so strongly connected with celebrations that the phrase ‘Let’s have sekihan’ has acquired the meaning ‘Let’s celebrate.’ It is believed that sekihan is used for celebrations because of its red color, symbolic of happiness in Japan.

Host clubs: Kamitani wonders when he sees all the girls next to Yagi if the lost-and-found area is some sort of host club. In Japan, host clubs are part of the night-time entertainment. There are two types of bars: kurabu (クラブ, lit. “club“) and kyabakura (キャバクラ, lit.cabaret“). The hosts can be either male or female and many of them use professional names called ‘genji name’ (源氏名 genji-na). Hosts light cigarettes, provide beverages for men-women, offer flirtatious conversations, and sing karaoke to entertain customers. Hosts can be seen as some sort of modern geishas, providing entertainment to groups of salarymen after work. Host clubs are distinguished from strip clubs in that there is no dancing, prostitution, or nudity. Host clubs have a strict ‘no touching’ policy and patrons are removed for trying to initiate private or sexual conversation topics.


Ryu is giving too much of his life for his brother, which is definitely nice, sweet, and touching but as a teenager, he should try to live his life a bit more. It honestly pains me to see him making choices based so much on Kotaro. Also, I like the fact that Inomata and Yuki start to hang out because they kind of unite as the future rejected girls of Ryu (that makes him sound like such a bad bishounen).

Kotaro is just the sweetest thing ever. I think that he held onto the cotton candy and didn’t eat it because it reminded him of the tsudere chairwoman and wanted to give it to her. That’s why he felt bad when they got home and the candy was all shriveled up. So cute.

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